Luke Hillier, a CEO who fought for cancer sufferers

Of the many people who can provide inspiration to the world, tucked in a name, Luke Hillier.

Luke Hillier is one person that inspired many people in the world. Many people know him as Luke Hillier, ADS. Why ADS? Because Luke Hillier is the CEO of Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc (ADS Inc.).

As a successful businessman, Luke Hillier was also a philanthropist. He was very much concerned about cancer. Luke Hillier always tried to be involved in the program against cancer. Even as a tangible manifestation of concern for cancer, Luke Hillier set up a foundation, namely Hillier Foundation.

Luke Hillier, Virginia Beach where he was born, he has made the work and dedication to the call live. He does not forget that all the material he received was a gift from God, therefore he's also not forget to share what they have to others who are in need, namely people living with cancer.

Currently, not many people have a soul and spirit like Luke Hillier. The trend is that many people who succeed in your career but do not do something for someone else. The spirit and soul of humanity Luke Hillier was need to emulate, for the higher sense of humanity around us.

Why are there different types of Thai massage

The reason for this is that Western therapists, in contrast to their Thai more access and exposure to other styles of massage. Therefore is always a tendency to mix and blend and combine techniques. Therapists in Thailand have exposed to usually never far from the traditional way of working, and therefore find not much waste and change to Thailand.

Also have Western therapists often started learning, and in particular Swedish massage for a table. Therefore, many of them Thai have massage on the table, which of course does change, and many Thai massage mix with Swedish massage.

Personally I Thai have awarded massage in Thailand with several and renowned teacher studied. They all had their own style and their own unique techniques. And that's without blending Thai massage with other modalities.

What you should choose style as an up and coming Thai massage practitioner? In particular, this depends on four factors:

1. Fun what style you most received? You do do best what you like to get.

(2) However, everyone can do it, and start at any age, that they like. What is it? Yoga! There are different levels of yoga, and probably as many reasons why people do it, but there is no doubt that it can help them. Also, there are some alternatives that or not, can also be helpful.

Yoga comes from several religions in the area, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Also different meanings in several languages has its name. And, as already mentioned, there is to do many reasons for it. Traditionally, lead the faithful in which religion Yoga to discipline their mind and body and to be closer to their God or gods. Today is the activity happens in modern air-conditioned gyms and taught and performed from all walks of life such as professionals and housewives. It is used in Buddhism for example in some mild forms at the meditate. In Thailand, there are many people who on a heavy or very relaxed yoga, to improve their health or even as a simple thing to do in the fashionable gym. Thai massage of the lazy person of yoga, is perhaps an extreme way of doing nothing when the have put your body through some gentle therapy and movement. It would be Thai massage as a therapeutic, simple exercise wrong, completely, disregard, as there are many benefits of a good Thai massage, but you need to ensure that it is properly administered. Otherwise, it could use any, or even some negative effects.

Thai massage call, a lazy person would probably fair for those who know yoga, what they're talking about, but the sentence should not essential overused, Thai massage appear to make either a waste of time, or a viable alternative. Yoga is a very old, traditional religious activity. It has been so popular in the East that it have addressed those in the West. Thai massage is thousands of years even hundreds, perhaps and it is also the religion with its use in Buddhist meditation. One of the most important differences is, that one can probably stimulates you alone and you blood circulation and improves more than the others, according to which a masseur or masseuse and the recipient can relax the discipline, do nothing or even sleep.

Thank you letter - you mean recognition of the philosophy of Seneca

If you look closely in the values, one would see lessons and ideal, that are currently taught by many today that these teachings are not new, nor are they original. It is my firm belief that all spiritual, philosophical and social ideal last optimizations come from and just restructured and were reworded to fit the modern context of today. It is with this in mind, I want to my appreciation by this thank you letter extending one of the ancestors of the values, most of us today in keeping the Roman philosopher Seneca the younger.

Dear Seneca,

The philosophy that taught during your time has also for modern wisdom meaning be. I, on the one hand have been moved by your teachings and have tried, which many values for life, that you have in a number of your essays and letters wrote. This letter thank you is for.

One of my personal favorites is when you wrote "Les Misérables, whose appetite is temptation only by expensive foods", refers to the concept, that true wealth should never be measured, by mere possession, but by the time and opportunity to do what you want, make a difference, and the control over their own lives. This is a philosophy (one of the people, I was in high hold that esteem and follow) the 4-hour work week was adopted by the author of Tim Ferris in his book. That the truth in this term has somewhat affected my own approach, which is important in my life and how I my time to manage.

I find your idea, that happiness and satisfaction in extravagance or looking to collect as much material as pleasant stay belongings, but instead is found in Temperance, experience and enlightenment by education. I think this is quite appropriate, perhaps even more so, in the world we now live where the people seem to equate more of everything that can be purchased with have success. My life with your idea made certainly me more content.

There are many formulas for happiness, success, and life, which are today, in fact, I feel is taught me are all derivatives of your ancient teachings. I think, shows this, as we take old wisdom like yours can't. Also, if we are ever expanding appreciation of the concepts that determine our lives now, we should give our "thank you" for most come away with.

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All with humility and intention

We are people of humility and intention always, whether through action or inaction.

This intention is not self-serving; from good intentions, more reserved.

We have enough strength of our own, and worn, do that by God in the life with deliberation and intention, always in control of what we do or not.

It is worse in an other wind much, - you know apart from our own ancestors of God - that is, find aufgekehrt in a whirlwind and aufgekehrt from the conscious control. All these circumstances we can (this is enough, mind you) is the trust in God and to pray.

And yet, for both these places of spiritual fact - in control and not - we are the most reliant on God, i.e. in strength or weakness.

This article is aimed towards the circumstances of the control; Life is here as all settled. (But our place which control [whether we see ourselves as 'Control' or 'not'] must also vote to, that we ' in control'").

A modest intent

The appropriately cautious person who is with the intention in operation, has God's power on their side. You are constantly pray. Search for God's face. And if they are not per se praying they can still know with ingenuity, what is the will of God. There is a God-on-board.

Humility is the key gap characterization intent and splitting action by inaction. It is the input of temperament fueling discrimination. Weighing directly from wrong in the way of the accord and fact, the soul for action is ready, whether the action or inaction. Inaction is many times the best action.

Intention is making

Preserves the intent (as above; that now our assumption described) and is, referred to as a conscious way and way things discloses the spiritual.


"Power" is an elusive concept, similar to how happiness is. That is, the here described a spiritual makes, makes no sense, which connects with the world. This is a virtuous or makes good. People who have this power are trusted, full calm trust, love and integrity. You are not destroyer proponents.

The most important thing for those hot on establishing this virtuous makes in their life is these ingredients - positive intention and humility - they get it. God is with them in this, that the distinction and the establishment of God's will.

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A story about a large calabash

One day an ancient Chinese philosopher visited Shi, his friend philosopher Zhuangzi, Hui. Hui Shi Zhuangzi said, that the calabash tree presents fruit wore a large calabash of his King. The calabash was too large, as a bottle as would it be used generally. Hui is trying, as water use jar, but it was too heavy, when wear it full of water. He cut it in the middle and trying, use it as a ladle of water. Hui found again, it was too large, and that it would not work. He could not come good with other ideas for its use. He decided that it was useless, and threw it.

Zhuangzi considered Hui shook his head, telling him that Hui not know, how the value of things to determine or how to use them. A cat is not as big as a bull, but it catches mice. A Bull is not as fast as a cat, but it provides milk. Everything existed value, characteristics and purpose, in the world regardless of its size. It was not the great gourd, which was impossible. It was hui's vision, the it useless. Zhuangzi continued, "if I were you, I would have cut it in half and each half made a boat." You could as a tribute to your King gifted. "You could use the other enjoy nature at the West Sea."

Zhuangzi told him not to the value of things by size, to determine the appearance or weight. He said, everything thing in the world exists value, features, meaning and purpose. It is only people who understand the value, features, meanings and purposes things.

This is where the story ends. The author sees more importance behind the story. There are more interpretations between the lines. Zhuangzi, a naturalist and philosopher, took the position of maintaining something natural to change selfish reasons based on people rather than of artificial things. The author of believes that Zhuangzi has to say not only that of nature. His intention to extend this thinking may have on people. I wonder, what readers would think if I replaced the above key sentences with: all the people that exists in the world are valuable, and have properties, meaning and a purpose. Do not judge them by height, weight, appearance, personality, scholastic background or behavior. If you, say that someone is useless, they are not the person who is useless; It is you who is useless.

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That the reality of another

Consciousness is the domain of my existence. Is the domain of my being with other people who surrounded my world and their behavior is the nature of the reality I live in. I am also a part of me a part of the reality of other people like you. And what do we ourselves others is as is their reality for them.

Each is a culture of its own with unique differences compared to the other. You are of my nation in a mass culture. And they are the global culture to a greater extent. But often we are blind to the fact that we makes the reality of another and a part of the global culture. For the reality where we are the type of another sentient life and how the reality natured and behaves, short-sighted.

The only people who are real for us are the people we know. The rest is a gray mass of people that we experience exchange or have no knowledge of her personality. Someone of you in the middle distance on the road on foot is just you feel a part of the lot only sensory connections. It does not matter, which include the busy street. You are not real to you in the same way as people who you know. You are only a part of the representation that you have categorized as the crowd on the street. And if us in large enough cities happens, superior, the people in the global world we are as unreal.

It is us still our business to different people, that are unreal. Or because of differences in others, we make hostile to them by our actions to transform the business to the reality. The reality, as what we is to make ourselves we make also something. In the case of the people, which, if we instead know them and if they were as real as people as our family members are us, we would be unknown to us they were real to us far less discriminatory. And if we do with people, know we argue, the right to vote for their own believe you, if we are rejected, we accept no it so personally, as we, do it when an unknown person makes his or her business to contradict us. These all are a part of it, the reality of another.

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Are humans and chimpanzees the same type but different races really? Be honest now

Are people upright walking primates right? Yes, that is true, but who is to say that chimpanzees are actually a race of people the 98.7% of human DNA parts not? Scary thought, OK, but hear me out, also if you do not care to here think, because it might humble you very best of your species-centric attitude. Now then, since the DNA is so close, it is quite possible that humans and chimpanzees can inter-breed, so, are they human definition - brethren. Of course, is this easy right proven?

Last week I was someone with a 150 this with an overseas well-known + discussion IQ and they said "Yes I think it is." But it is probably a lot of people who are opposed to it. "Do you know if it has a serious discussion about the attempt to do this?" Well, actually, and this is you, Yes, shock, has been. I do not know whether the offspring was viable (able to reproduce). It is an age in the 1950s years 1960s and I do not know what kind of chimpanzees I think, it was a Bonobo.

The person who it, act not admit she had sex with a chimpanzee offspring in the circus was used for a while, died early, chimpanzees life not so long to how people, probably other problems, psychological, sociological, disease and nutrition. I was with my acquaintance; "This is a terrible environment and a way to do the experiment."

Yes, but if we ban experiments, they happen anyway, with the people, the show running less than ethical. Also, people don't really know the truth they can not deal with all their religion instead of amazement and a jump in know the individual was treated as a freak in a side show. No one was unable to process the truth of what happened.

People think that they special, but how much special as each life evolved from a niche carving? Go perhaps more successful such as mammals, and attributes, arguments order a large number of higher skills and sensors are the same, but not so special she should mislead his in denial of. It is a pretty mean thing to do, "a circus" freak show, quite cruel - people?

My acquaintance at the hearing this; "I don't think that breeding to something positive, with the exception of prove the similarity of DNA leads." Right, the case showed a more upright walking, chimpanzee, with fair skin, very strong, and larger than a chimpanzee but smaller than the average man harry something less search. It was said, smarter than that of a normal chimpanzee, but due to the fact that it was better by his human friends, as it grew to people, not chimps could have been maintained.

In fact, I hope you please consider all this and think about it, and as always you can email me about concerns, comments or questions, but I maintained non-religious fever or damnation for the discussion of this issue.

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Group discussion: World views and dilemmas - we are the same, but we are not the same

In my personal ethics in organizations class this week we discuss world views and dilemmas by using the characters of the play "doubt: A parable" by John Patrick Shanley. We had to read the game and then to thought-provoking questions answers presented by our teachers.

The part of the question, which I thought was interesting:

"Each character in the Shanley's play doubt, a parable, is involved in a moral dilemma." Probably, a Christian worldview shares these characters. Define it differently their dilemmas? Do she choose different relevant facts based on their world views? What is a "world view"? "Describe some important aspects of your own worldview."

My answer:

"Was one of the first classes I have on intercultural communication, and the values and standards a person experience of the world impact;" also known as their "Worldview." Even if two people share the same religious background, yet it can because each family has its own unique traditions and beliefs that come from more than just their intellectual background cultural clashes. The world views of each character in the game were very different and obvious in the way she behaved and responded to circumstances.

What kind of person would create is to support their adoption of the truth that what they are provided without specific, it is true? What kind of person are would knowing full well that the other person was to justify their suspicion and assumptions. How does a man respond to one which apparently accused him? How to respond people comes from their sense of right and wrong, which comes from their faith should be of how the things. This perception of life comes from air-conditioning experiential since birth. We have passed traditions and beliefs through the generations, as the good and bad, that we experience in life all products of the family. It would be to make sense, that a dilemma occurs when a person encounters a situation that is aligned with their established beliefs, values and standards. It is therefore a moment not to know what you think. Some can start make doubt and their faith in question; Use you the critical thinking perhaps the situation take apart and meaning of each element within the situation.

However, there are those who never learn from their mistakes and that not open "should be for questioning how things." "For me there doubt is at the beginning of new knowledge because without a doubt, is no inclination to search for the truth."

Now, here are a few questions for Sie--my esteemed reader:

What do you have views, which keep the transformation you want to back from reaching and deserve in your life?

What do you intend to do the gap to close, which keeps you from your full potential and to achieve personal fulfilment?

Things happen does not by itself. It takes a dedicated and determined effort to find out, and the necessary steps to your desired destination in life. Someone will bring it on a silver platter. However, you find people who will support you in your search. Their vision of life is not going to happen, until you first know, what you want to find out, which is, take it there, take this first step, and then completely by follow.

Take destiny in the hands and the co creator of your own future and vision of life be. Go to the grave to know that you have everything what you could do to detect and to your mission and Lebensinhalt--for when you do, you will have lived its fullest potential with NO regretsyour life.

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The rogue files (file two) unnatural selection

Part one of two: the selection

Natural selection vs.
Human selection

There is a difference between "The origin of species" or "Natural selection" not survive importance, nature, which should, and should be based on characteristics and so on, and today we call it, genetic engineering, or cumulative selection selects. We do this, to plants and animals; in other words, breeding out of control. Similar to Bible in the old days was the planting and harvesting. Darwin took to a step further with the notice of all be obvious as the growing number of organisms, and if they do, not in a position to survive, only the selected pair, or many, depending on it, but look at it from a different angle.

The ship angle:

It's 1720 A.D.; You are a Negro, soon, slave, be sold as New Orleans slave platform on the in the center of the city. The ship was made to hold 350 slaves, there are 520 in a Hall; You are in the cramped Hall for three months. Twenty percent die suffocation and disease due to the scarce resources, space. We see here a difference to survive ability for certain groups: the old, weak and the very young, against the strong, able, full bodied and young adults.

Imperceptible one causal observer, but all organisms in this spell of death, the first category; nothing to do with natural selection, or genetic makeup, per se. Instead, environment plays the biggest part (if removed she would survive); If not the reckless and callous breeder of the disease, it is the largest cause of the indirect selection for death.

The scientist is looking backwards for a critical theory to selection for our species today... Let us look at a million years, the width of the time, strange is the scientist for some reason. He tells us, will adapt in the face of this time, organisms to their environments...

In fact, they are but we need not million years, a few generations works just fine. In Patagonia, there is a kind of birds, on cliffs, six inches wide life. You have now for about eighty years, since moving the environment been, with the decline of the glacier. I've seen this personally.

Love you live to eat, and sleep, also on the six inch wide cliffs. This is for me is simple. One change lifestyles, due to the environment. In the morning, in the Pacific Ocean, with a fishing pole and coconut, be me as big as a car park, and you to a deserted island see, running a bronze native around crazy in a short time, but if there enough coconuts and bait fish, I'm going to survive, and I don't even need a generation, a couple of weeks will do the trick.

The criminal analogy

We need bloodhounds to track criminals, we need a better laws. If the arrested criminals not in the Roman days worked, or was useless, the Romans for laboratory, he was killed. He was not to a burden of society, the taxpayers.

This new concept of "I am sad," was not good enough back in those distant days, unfortunately not the Bills to pay. Nor will 'sorry' feed the family, that the thief has stolen all Kohl of the poor of farmer's cabbage patch or garden, but behold, the thief is 'sorry,' never mind that thought.

So you can see even the criminals has a customization feature, he knows the laws, their variations, its usefulness, he knows it better than the farmer.

I'm always a little off track here, but only people are so careless as to breed out of its worst game.

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Xenoarchaeology and exhumation

An interesting branch of archaeology was called Xenoarchaeology. Xenoarchaeology deals with the physical remains of intelligent alien cultures. While this concept into the hands of science fiction authors is often declined, it will be certainly still more and more stars with hospitable planet to find much more taken seriously as an astrophysicist. It is always more always believed that life in the past as impossible as well as conditions can thrive, open only on this realm of possibility.

At the earliest in the 1600's, Johannes Kepler demanded that many features can be artificially constructed of the lunar landscape of an alien intelligence. Wrote in the same vein hide astronomical suspicions and perhaps passed insiders know, Arthur C. Clarke of many novels by science fiction hid positing the existence of intelligent distributed Obelisk, designed in the entire solar system. Until his death closer than his career could not be compromised, made public statements about his positive belief of the evidence of ancient civilizations have Clarke existed on Mars. Richard Hoagland currently leads the enterprise Mission Earth aimed at the Moon, Mars, Jupiter moon Europe and more celestial bodies to investigate alien ruins. Erich von Daniken, starting in his chariot of the gods and training by his massive series presents alternative interpretations of archaeological finds much of this planet a Paleocontact proposes theory of the old alien astronauts. Many more serious efforts to explore this new avenue of research and still carried out, the range of human hands and tools increase humanity's technological capabilities.

It is expected that artifacts of non-human origin on planet, satellite, in the asteroid belt are found, or locked in orbit. More advanced and clever thinking led some of these artifacts on asteroid passing through our system, or in more specific places look like Lagrange points. Lagrange points are places in the area in the vicinity of a massive body and the satellite where gravity and the ZENTRIPETALKRÄFTE negligible cancel each other mass for objects. This would allow small objects in geostationary orbit, peace where it does not move relative to the planet and its satellites. You look at and think many reasons to points in space, as it would be beneficial for the placement of advanced observational machines. There are other slightly related attempts to find remains of advanced extraterrestrial civilisations. SETI (the search for extraterrestrial intelligence) offers a huge number of satellites in the hope of intercept electromagnetic signals from distant cultures. Due to the vast distances, study would be any signals received an old time thus qualified SETI as a Xenoarchaeological.

Xenoarchaeology may be a study ahead of time, anchoring mockery of the close minded, but the scientific paradigm as some of the Earth\s opinion change premier physicists and change as opinion leaders, the spirit of the times for all exists conversion. Even the Vatican issued the people prepare statements the impact of extraterrestrial life on your belief system. Wonder and awe are plentiful, if non-human artifacts are in fact disclosed. The alternative may be complete shock when the body of the alien beings someday are exhumed.

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History of agnosticism

The story of agnosticism is a single important event that will change, before it was accepted in society. The word agnostic was created by Thomas Henry Huxley, coined the word agnostic and declared open it during the metaphysical society party one evening in 1869. Huxley considered a free-thinking and denied that he was an atheist or a theist. Agnostic comes from the Greek word "Agnostos" that "don't know".The term agnostic was's account inspired by St Paul on his visitation in one of the temples of Greece with an inscription on the altar with the Greek words "Agnosto Theos" which means "to the unknown God". Agnosticism may be several categories such as agnostic theism, agnosticism and agnostic atheism strong and weak.

The history of agnosticism was quoted on his first public appearance in a printed page of the Viewer from 29 may 1869. The principle of agnosticism has gained criticism and the same time known recognition by several philosophers, such as Hume and Kant. Huxley was quoted saying that he invented the word agnostic derive from the word Gnostic of the study should be of spiritual knowledge. Agnostic neither confirm nor deny the existence of God or other spiritual entities. Huxley on the existence of God is to point out that he is totally ignorant. But he also explained God's existence can be also true, and there is no way to prove such claims. Due to the skeptical perceptions about the deity, presence, were agnostic as mere watchers and according to some scholars sitting on the fence identified.

But for the agnostic such as Huxley, the principle of the ignorance has safest place for people, who wanted to be transferred not absolute answers about entities. Agnosticism has gained attention and approval of celebrities such as scientists, philosophers, businessmen and even celebrities.

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Is fashion art?

A few instant coffee granules miss the Cup as often first thing in the morning. With slow sleepy I steals mop it up while I wait for the kettle boil. If I have succeeded, the correct number of coffee granules from the coffee in my cup give glass, and just the right amount of sugar, milk and hot water added, it will be then a good cup of coffee. But if I just really not get ratio, it's yuck, which goes to show that an art to make it a decent Cup of Java. Or is it? An art, coffee, I mean.

The question, what is the "art" with a capital t around for a long time been present. People are pretty much that a good cup of coffee is any it but still a lot of disagreement over certain modes of expression how to write, is film-making and fashion. It is the idea that can be used to fashion that an art has called the because it developed itself from sewing and tailoring, a craft is, though tailoring "Architecture" and the cover of the tissue of the body as "sculptural". Many designers make references to art and artistic theories and concepts in their work or are still relegated to the ranks of the frivolous where Haute Couture as the financially wealthy fetish is considered. And as soon as Haute Couture and start- and runway diluted collections for consumption by the public they have been then otherwise as financial resources and functional clothing are seen on the market.

Another reason why fashion is not considered art, is because, as in film production, a number of people the various tasks in the creation of a garment, such as the designer, website name participate manufacturer, pattern cutter and seamstress just a few to name a few. Because designers are working to produce a garment, often not only fit with the traditional view of the artist as a lonely genius and are therefore not as an artist, although their vision will look like the garment is their own.

In short, there is no clear answer on whether fashion is art or not, because so many ways to interpret and use a single piece of clothing. It can be, seen as a protection from the elements, an expression of belonging to a particular socio cultural group, as a personal form of expression if it is worn, or in the purest sense as the embodiment of the vision of its creator, the designer. Because fashion is so fluid and open to interpretation, it fits in with the theories of many disciplines and forms of expression, of which only a kind is.

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Zen and the art of 'Nothing' - do, such as this mystery in everyday life

If you have Zen, sees the world differently.This consciousness could mean on a deeper level that innocent laugh your child, who enjoy warm, gentle breeze on your veranda or the Park, being tempted as it is produced by wind and Sun is caressed by the beauty of a flower, wild, or stop to admire the silent power and Majesty of an old oak tree on your way to the train station.If a truck, repair of cars, teach children, edit your task a newspaper, is service to the medical care of patients, litigation, prosecution/Defense a commercial / political campaign or run a business, it means fully involved in and fully concentrated (mindfulness) on what you should do right now, who are you and your work and not to distinguish.If you are a sports buff, it could mean the joy of your triumph of fatigue and pain, as you even at a higher level fully involve your. Things to do difficult, strengthens your willpower and self-control. It strengthens your "mental muscles". And how all other muscles, the more you practice it, the stronger they will.It is to achieve a perfect symmetry and unity of body and spirit. The idea is, the distinction between object (your work or 'do') and subject (you) blur that think and act to a uniform, harmonious whole insert. In this way, you will be motivated a person more alert, more robust, and superior.The high quality of your work is the product of this single-minded commitment. In any human activity have at work or in the game, a calm, clear, focused mind an edge over a always, the provisional and tense overloaded is. That is the epitome of Zen.We know all the stories about athletes is "in the zone" if they so "locked - in" they are not nothing wrong seem to do. The brilliant performances of great athletes like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Kim Yu-na and Alex Rodriguez during the memorable, high stakes games mark a hassle-free combination of grace and power. the makers and the perfect unison is 'do'.We see the same sounding combination in unison and blurring the "doer" and that "If" in the art of Ballet, the dancer and the dance a nisht to differential will flow and movement patterns.HUNTER AND PREYZen is also in the test of wills between a good Hunter and a worthy prey if the Chase is a Savannah in Africa or deep waters in the Pacific Ocean in a jungle in Brazil, if the hunters have to enter the spirit of its prey, to identify with her and "be" the object of his hunting very to track it down, to catch or kill you. Such deep identification with an object inevitably to one kindred respect and empathy with him. This is why hunters pay tribute to always their victims in the background and open, after he it.At the institutional level (combat) is what characterized the Samurai swordsmen century of Japan, the embraced Zen to soothe and strengthen their minds for lethal fight, to the extent, training and actual combat, which is a natural extension of their bodies seemed like it with powerful Samurai sword and yet effortless Grace be moved, as in a perfectly choreographed dance.Measure frown Zen, like all Buddhism, on violence and war, except in self-defence. Some Samurai, it could be argued, exploited Zen hidden power clear to lead offensive battles for personal gain."nothing to do", but life fully involved, as it comes, so that there is an organic unit experience. Nothing more and nothing less.It applies to many aspects of human experience. What's more, come use and participation in these gifts of life and nature, practically free of charge in many cases. Most of us have this invaluable gift for granted that most for the recording virtually are available throughout the year.Those know of us, rich gifts of nature and they have a nourishing, healing Balsam in their lives, are inevitably targeted, energetic, happier and healthier.

The next generation of human nature and civilisation

The traditional American philosophy is characterized by the concept of natural law and the rule of law, etc.. That our social and political laws should reflect the natural laws of human nature. You are that self-interest and competition inherent attributes of human nature are the premise underlying.

Our social and State systems should these natural aspects of human nature channel in a perfect Union. It is designed with three main branches of the Government, the same so they could compete with each other and prevent that everyone to suppress a branch.

At the same time the Government was formed, published his book, wealth of Nations Adam Smith. I haven't read the book, but I understand that it suggests that this philosophy natural are the self-interest and competition and healthy. This postmodern philosophy, that everything is subjective and selfish was very popular at this time.

I believe that the enlightenment are philosophy of realism and essentialism an accurate understanding of human nature and reality. Objective reality exists independent of anyone's perception. I agree also with the existential principles of ownership, self-determination, and entrepreneurship. You are inherently attributes of human nature, which are available in accordance with an ecosystem, the restrictions on the expression of inhärenten consists of creative freedom in human nature.

The American Revolution was a giant step forward relative to the rule of man, the aristocracy, nobility and feudalism, which revolutionized it. The evidence, that is the dramatic transformation of the social and economic development of human civilization, which has taken place since the American Revolution.

Then, in response to the world wars of the twentieth century, the United Nations and the Bretton Woods banking system was established. The UN is based on the premise that people are cooperative and strives for peace and justice for all people everywhere, with particular emphasis on the poorest, most disadvantaged of the world citizens protect themselves make.

The Bretton Woods banking system, setting up the World Bank and the IMF, etc., is based on the dollar. It is now essentially bankrupt. The United Nations has recovered from the destruction of World War II and the wealth is much more widely distributed.

Economy and politician of world leading Government are currently consulting, at the United Nations, Organization for economic cooperation and Development Forum, etc. about like unipolar Bretton-Woods system, replaced by a more global framework of social and economic development, and this transition as peacefully as possible to reach (OECD) and the world economic.

The philosophical, social and economic development progress that we made between the American Revolution and the founding of the United Nations is again dramatically. It is an another giant step forward in our understanding of human nature and civilisation.

Human civilization is what we, the people on Earth, can do. We are free agents, who are responsible and accountable for the own actions. Civilized people people cooperate with each other on the basis of the rule of law, rather than compete with each other for food and shelter as wildlife and, that all Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest.

Of course, we have these natural instincts that we have inherited from our animal heritage. We have, but also the rule of law, first revealed religions in our world and then in the social and economic development of the human nature and civilization.

Humanity is a universal common wealth. The United Nations is our global Federation of Nations. I'm very patriotic about the United States. I have extensively studied its history and philosophy, and look at the United States one of the largest Member of the United Nations. More, the cause of human rights as to any other nation or people in the history of the American nation and the people have.

I only feel, as the United Nations consider the United States philosophy philosophy is, like the United States philosophy of feudalism is superior, which replaced it. The American people teaching the value of peace and cooperation with our global community is important and difficult. It is important, because peace in the world have the American people have in a peaceful and respectful way agree to participate in our global community.

It will be difficult because of the traditional American values, which are values, independence, self-interest and competition are so deeply rooted in our American consciousness. Other Nations will have the same difficult process through the renunciation of the tribal attitude of superiority. The rest of the world accepts no American hegemony, and the right. We do not accept China is either the Middle Kingdom.

All we have to abandon our provincial, tribal, racial and national sense of superiority. We can and will live in peace and harmony with each other and our natural habitat. We make enormous progress. The whole world economy is booming. There is more wealth and prosperity, further widespread now than ever before in the history of the Earth.

And we have to make great progress. That is, why is it so important to unite to educate the American people, and people in the world. Unite the clans! Let in this universal common wealth, our ancestors created and make you it work together us. Create a perfect Union, which includes all people everywhere.

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Chinese version of the story of the Phoenix

It is wonderful, some to find the same or similar numbers in Western and oriental cultures. This mythological bird is one of them. In the Western world, it is the "Phoenix" or "Fire bird." called Oriental culture represented the Chinese call the bird "Fenghuang." Japanese used the same Chinese characters and call it "Houou." This sacred bird is in various mythologies. It is not only a European and East Asian creature. The bird is in the mythology of the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians and Indians. The common feature is that this bird has eternal life. You jump into a volcano, the life and the text to update and flies again.

The Chinese version of this bird is an old story of a Chinese philosophers, such as the huge bird with eternal life called "Huang." in the Zhuangzi, According to the Zhuangzi, a giant bird in the Northern Ocean living history. The sea such as big fish eggs is formed under water. If the stormy season comes, flying you from the deep ocean. It looks like an island from the sea. Arising out of the water, now looks like a bird. It spreads its wings and fly south, pouring the water of the milky way in the country. Huang flies high with its wings create massive wind. The wind of Huang's wings admits new birth grasses, flowers, fruits, plants and animals in these countries. The bird is the origin of life, give new life to the Earth by flying.

Sparrows and pigeons saw Huang flies distances, laughed and said migrate 10,000 miles or more makes no sense, because they can fly 10-20 miles and find enough food.

These birds never understand that the food, have grown them, because the Huang flying bird.

This story contains some interesting meanings. Those who are satisfied with the small world, in which they live, can never understand the big picture. The world is only 10-20 miles from where they live sparrows and pigeons. You will never understand that there is a wider world outside their territory. Those who can stick to their own little world never understand the vastness of the world.

The second interpretation of this story is an own size. The Huang can fly high in the sky and travel around the world, because it was created in this way. Would fly when sparrows or pigeons tries the Huang fly the same distance, they lost, and die. It is development of safer and smarter remain those own size and ability.

In ancient China, when a farmer had a dream of a King, his family, relatives and friends laughed him. He told those critics that sparrows and pigeons will understand never the spirit and the ability of the Huang. He was required during his friends not to the King of the entire Kingdom of China, but instead was a regional Lord, to serve him and to follow his orders. Conclude this story makes is that it can never be a Huang, if he's not big dream.

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Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand

Having now spent a considerable amount of time consuming, digesting, and integrating her ideas, I now see that Rand did far more than simply combine Aristotle and Nietzsche; she corrected and completed them.

Leaving Aristotle aside for the moment, I would like to look at what I see as two major corrections Rand made to the philosophy of Nietzsche.

Nietzsche's Contributions and Catastrophes
There are those who have said of Nietzsche that he was too poetic to be a philosopher, and too philosophical to be a poet. Most certainly, Friedrich Nietzsche is a mixed bag in more ways than one. In the end, Nietzsche's philosophy is what I call a necessary tragedy. As far as his contributions, I see two points that are important.

The Contributions of Nietzsche's "Philosophy with a Hammer"
First, Nietzsche was a champion of individualism who attempted to revitalize our lost Achilles spirit of man as a hero. Nietzsche declared all-out war against the moralities of collectivism and altruism, mercilessly smashing their false idols with his philosophical hammer and passionate fire. Nietzsche was very critical of modernity, particularly in its holding mediocrity as its highest ideal; a remnant of the bad Christian instincts that still lingered in the psyche of modern Western man.

Nietzsche inflicted a more devastating blow to Christianity and its ethics than any other philosopher of his time. Not since Thomas Paine had anyone so boldly challenged what was once thought to be "good," "moral," and "just." Nietzsche showed that modern man had fallen into a state of decay, primarily because of what he called, "slave morality" and sacrificial "herd instinct" that had been instilled in humanity for centuries. Nietzsche pointed out that while the individual hero type had once been celebrated, this highest type of man, in our age, had not been "willed," but only happened by chance rather than by intentional "breeding." For his transvaluation of all values, I give him credit, and I am also personally grateful.

Nietzsche's Warning
The second vital contribution Nietzsche offered was the warning concerning Western man's loss of horizon caused by what he called, "the death of God." There is no doubt that with the arrival of the enlightenment and modernity came also the death of what once had for so long held power over the spirit of man - religion. Many people often think that he was primarily posing arguments against the existence of God, which I think falls short of a much larger issue. Regardless of whether God does or does not exist, religion certainly no longer holds sway over our society, no longer provides the social glue that it once was able to provide, thus leaving society with a sort of moral void.

In his book, The Gay Science, a madman came into the marketplace searching for God and asked, "Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the horizon? Who has unchained the earth from its axis?" The question of most importance to Nietzsche was: will man be able to create a morality that he can hang above his own door as law? Thus the madman asks, "What games shall we invent?"

As of yet, mankind has never properly filled that moral void. To me, this is the essence of today's post-modern moral crisis and the task that is at hand. The modern man in many ways fails to even see that there is a void that must be filled at all, thus the people in the marketplace laugh at the madman.

Nietzsche's Catastrophes
While Nietzsche's no-holds-barred attack on Christianity and the altruism of modernity in general did in fact clear the way for a fresh look at morality, Nietzsche fell short of offering any tenable alternative, and in fact made two critical mistakes.

The first mistake was to claim that power is man's final end and highest goal, rather than as means toward a greater end; power as an end in itself, a power that is to be governed by man's unbridled passions.

The second major mistake in Nietzsche's incomplete philosophy was that it does not offer man a way for cultivating what is best in his nature, but rather is a wild attempt at altering human nature itself, as depicted in his ?bermensch, or "over man." To Nietzsche, man is not something to be fully realized, but overcome.

Nietzsche's ideal man is in many ways a creature devoid of any sympathy, any charity; solely concerned with one's own whims in the pursuit of power, while viewing any sense of universal humanity or happiness as weaknesses.

Ayn Rand's Contribution
Ayn Rand created a new philosophy called Objectivism. Objectivism is a complete philosophy that stands on its own. It is the only complete philosophy produced in the 20th century that is not influenced or based upon Platonic forms or Kantian categorical imperatives. Objectivism is far more than some simple mixing of Nietzsche and Aristotle, but a new and complete philosophy that cannot be dismissed out of hand; not with any true intellectual integrity.

There are indeed many similarities between Nietzsche and Rand when it comes to their views concerning collectivism, altruism, and Christianity. Also, each of these great thinkers correctly placed man's ultimate standard of value in man himself rather than man as a sacrificial animal to some god or government. While there are striking similarities, there are also profound differences.

Correcting Nietzsche's "Will to Power"
The following two short quotes will help clarify where some of the important differences are:

"What is good? - All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness." -Nietzsche

This following quote, by Rand, initially sounds very similar:

"All that which is proper to the life of a rational being is the good; all that which destroys it is the evil." -Ayn Rand

While both Rand and Nietzsche hold man as his own standard of value, they define "good" very differently. According to Nietzsche, the good is whatever gives man a "feeling" of power. In contrast, Rand places that which is proper to life as the standard of good, and her philosophy is based upon man's rational faculties, not his emotional drives.

Nietzsche places power as an end in itself, and directs man's will, driven by unbridled passions, toward power; power as man's final end. Rand on the other hand, like Aristotle, place happiness as man's final end. Man's will is directed toward happiness, and man's rational power is the means by which he achieves his happiness. Hers is not a "will to power" but a "pursuit of happiness."

The "good" is not a magnitude of force given off by unbridled passions, but the power of man's intellect in pursuit of his rational values, i.e., those things that produce positive self-esteem: his creative work, his friendships, and his art. This is the first major correction that can be attributed to Ayn Rand that makes her philosophy distinctly different than that of Nietzsche.

Correcting Nietzsche's "?bermensch"
The second of Ayn's major corrections, and probably even more important than the first, was ending Nietzsche's Gnosticism that seeks to somehow "go beyond" being human. Not only is this a bad idea, it is outside the grasp of human power to do so. To Ayn, man is something to be fully realized and human nature something to be cultivated to its fullest potential. Through the use of man's rational faculties, most importantly logic, man is capable of being all that he can truly be, but he is not capable of being more than human. Man is what he is.

In these two ways Objectivism offers striking contrasts to the philosophy presented by Nietzsche, and to claim that Ayn's philosophy is nothing more than a regurgitation of Nietzsche falls woefully short of the mark. Objectivism seeks happiness rather than power as man's final end, and it offers a means for man to be fully human, without expecting him something else.

"Nietzsche's rebellion against altruism consisted of replacing the sacrifice of oneself to others by the sacrifice of others to oneself. He proclaimed that the ideal man is moved, not by reason, but by his "blood," by his innate instincts, feelings and will to power-that he is predestined by birth to rule others and sacrifice them to himself, while they are predestined by birth to be his victims and slaves-that reason, logic, principles are futile and debilitating, that morality is useless, that the "superman" is "beyond good and evil," that he is a "beast of prey" whose ultimate standard is nothing but his own whim. Thus Nietzsche's rejection of the Witch Doctor consisted of elevating Attila into a moral ideal-which meant: a double surrender of morality to the Witch Doctor."
-For the New Intellectual, Ayn Rand

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A medicinal product for chapped hands

It was family medicine in China. The family employees in dye substances in cold water in winter. The family was suffering from chapped hands caused by work in the winter of cold water and wind. They developed a special medicine for the treatment of chapped hands. A traveller heard rumors that medicine for the treatment of chapped hands had this family, so he visited the family and offered to buy the medicine, the rules and instructions. He wanted to prescribe medicine, so that the travelers the family 10,000 yen, the medicine of his recipes and instructions to buy offered.

The family discussed the proposal. Their color they brought business to less than 1,000 yen. The offer was more than 10 times their normal business. So they decided to sell the instructions, prescription and medicine to these travelers. The travellers found the in the northern part of China and shared a local King, he had to handle a special method for the chapped hands for soldiers, to fight in the winter. Knowledge give an that this would advantage their soldiers against their enemies, the local King hired him as an army surgeon. He was soon general surgeon, thanks to the effectiveness of this medicine. His Kingdom to continue to win wars against the enemy, thanks to this medicine. Finally was travellers Premier of this Kingdom.

In contrast to this traveller the family spent all the money from the sale of this medicine and returned to their old business color. She remained in a stain business and never was Empire or high position.

This is a story in the old Chinese philosophy book of Taoism, Zhuangzi is displayed. The medicine, powerful enough, to increase position in a Kingdom at number two the traveller was, as only a medicine for a dye business, an effective instrument in to the original family successfully treated.

The story is somewhat scary to consider. We can in the possession of something as powerful as the medicine, but, in contrast to the traveller, we fully use not its effectiveness. Many of us are more like the original family in this story. We realize the powerful nature of the thing in our possession and not lose its value. I believe that history teaches us the importance of respect take on the true nature of things and analysis of their use. In addition, the importance of thinking outside the box tells us. It is amazing to think that this story was written over 2000 years ago.

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Vedanta as I understand - even-realization

Session three more...

Upanishads presented a profound truth, which is universal, boundless, immutable, unkörperlich and all pervading consciousness Brahman or even in all of us. This itself has no name, shape, form or color, any description without attributes. The names and forms, we use are for our own understanding. This itself is beyond meaning. This itself is existence - know bliss. Self-knowledge is the central theme of the Upanishads, essence of liberation. The Upanishads it is responsible for the guru spiritual wisdom to worthy or qualified students and the student practices implementation to provide reflection with meditation. At this point it is all being able to itself and see in all beings.

By implementing the 'immortal itself' in each of us can overcome a death and achieve Moksha. Those who leave without being aware of this even know this world to always go from death, death, and again and again, until they experience it. Heart in every one of us is the temple where the Lord appears. Self-recognition is expressed when we serve with the spirit of selfless service for all living beings. Love is the result of the oneness of existence. If not itself used wealth and prosperity know, breeds delusion. Intellectual knowledge alone if not in the direction of even know created selfishness. If science and technology will know not even used, we are deeper in the ruin.

We say so much about themselves know? What is even know?

In Wayne Dyer presentation, I heard that in a philosophy class, the teacher was a test of his students. He had only one question on the test paper for 100 points was "who are you?"
What's the catch? He had reservations in the next page. He knew that flip would the students of that page to see more...The second page said ' you may not contain your name or your parents name, your city, your qualifications, your possessions, your relatives. None of these labels are valid responses. These are the mere labels. Now, you write the answer to the question. You can write as many pages as you like '. The answer to this question is leading Upanishad to discover us...

Can you try to answer this?

' Who am I? Who am I?' Take a notebook and write this question in the entire page. See if you can answer the question. Meditate on it. Stay focused and have other thoughts you do not disturb you. Get the answer to "who am I?"

Remember this BMI - body, mind and intellect. You are not this body. "When you say 'my hand' says ' my mind", which is 'my'. You are not of this opinion. Can you observe your thoughts? If so, then you are separated from the spirit. Then who are you? You are not the intellect. Who makes the decisions in situations in which you meet? The more you question these terms, you notice that you did just this body are witnesses. The 'even' in you called Atman is to animate the energy for the body. This Atman is the same in the microcosmic level as Brahman cosmic macro-level. They differ from each other. Therefore focus on the 'even' in you is what outside of you, all, temporary. Sri Ramakrishna says 'in your inner Chamber type'

This Atman in covered and bound in this physical frame and is called Jivatman or Jiva. It can be said that there is only one Atman or Brahman and all inclusive from each single cell Amoeba man many Jiva.
Brahman or the Atman is Nirguna Brahman is without attributes and Nirakara, without forms and therefore unable description except through the process of elimination. 'Nay - Iti' Baja Govindam tells you in detail.

Associated with Brahman, Maya, is also the cause of Saguna Brahman, also Isvara. This Isvara is responsible for the creation, preservation and dissolution. Isvara is God (generator, operator, destroyer), has a form and writable. The effect is the Jagat, the whole world, all inclusive.

Although Brahman is the permanent natural sand of this universe and Atman is our nature, can we not ignore, this world in which we live. For all practical purposes, it is very real. Even fighting to Moksha must occur only here. Therefore let's you find out, as the world was created.

At the beginning, Brahman alone Atman and 'sa' existed, also known as. 'Satellite' means something that exists in all periods of time, past, present and future.

Brahman created the five elements of the even space, air, fire, water and Earth. These are the PANCA Mahaboothas. A permutation of the combination of these five elements led the world. The best text that explains this concept is published by Chinmaya ATMA Bodha, mission.

Even after the result of Brahman, the world still in it and merges in him at the time of Pralaya, resolution. Resolution is different from destruction because resolution leads to relaxation...

Silence until the next meeting...

Awesome power is obliged to promote an organization, to motivate, inspire to believe coach and support individuals in themselves and reach their fullest potential in all areas of life.

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Development of new Renaissance technology, the difference between aesthetics and ethics

It was observed that an insufficient understanding of the fundamental difference between aesthetics and ethics of the inevitable collapse of cultures brings. This ignorance was partly due to the General Western population through an illogical combination of religious and political core curriculum organized studies forced, that dominate the philosophies of Western scientific culture. Spin doctoring illogical aesthetics as passionate ethical beliefs present held, a non-sustainable approach of the process life, what brings to social disintegration entails.

This problem now hangs the fate of global civilization in the balance. Although the difference between aesthetics and ethics is now measurable, the present panic obsession with global economic rationalism prevents failure real investigation into this topic. However, the emerging chemistry of the quantum biology as medical science, the nature of the technologies is needed for the healthy or ethical improvement of global humanity revealing.

Quantum mechanics provides the property with the name 'Observer Participancy'. It is for someone light search through a powerful microscope on a very small part of the fabric of the material universe use it needed to see. Can change as the light of the structure of the small fabric is looked at, is the observer in the structure of the universe take part. Quantum biology is to develop as spiritual or holographic reality in order for creative consciousness of the energies of the material universe with the appearance of Plato's involve.

This process of evolving consciousness is associated with quite acceptable, ethics. That idea was fundamental to the ancient Greek life science called "Science for ethical ends", which was also closely linked with the third century BC, Greek "Science of universal love". Recently discovered a new chemistry of life, its three Nobel Prize winners for Chemistry Explorer as Fullerene chemistry. Platonic ethical science which is pagan their new medical science, essential now for the discovery because Buckminster Fuller his life science engineering principles derived from him.

Professor Harvard of University, Novartis, Amy Edmonson in her online book titled "A fuller explanation-the Synergetics geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller', published in 1987, stated that Fullerene chemistry directly associated with platonic ethics." On page 36 of her book, Professor Edmonson, fuller his mathematics writes survival of the people from the old Greece derived. On the following page is a subtitle, "Plato's discovery" in which used the old mathematics of fuller in detail are shown.

The founding of the Western culture ethical disposition built posited on the aesthetics of Immanuel Kant. This can be nothing more than a logical concept. Several independent corrections to Kant's logic have taken place, the modernisation of its 'aesthetics' in the quantum mechanics is in the quantum biology advanced led. The scientists who pioneered this process the nineteenth century mathematician Bernard Bolzano, as one of the world's largest logician.

"Edmund Husserl, in his"' 1900, Bolzano "theory of science" knew Prolegomena to a pure logic, which was a correction in Kant's "aesthetics". Bolzano logic led to the discovery of fractals logic ethics. The people who helped frame century science as Benoît Mandelbrot, Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein were all Bolzano's genius to capture understanding about Fractals ethics. Now that Bolzano logic is an integral part of the now-accepted universal Platonic Fullerene holographic reality, are the kind of the obviously incredible new survival of humanity have technologies.

1972 Dr. Candace PERT discovered the molecule feeling, from which the type of entanglement of the material universe with the spiritual holographic reality can be easily derived. The original Western life sciences was correct to generate ethics belongs as a force to healthy organic growth and development by space and time. Proof of this fact was discovered in the 1980s by the Science Art Center in Australia. The discovery of a life force for optimum biological growth and development through space and time was reprinted milestone series in Washington by the world's largest technological research Institute, IEEE in 1990 from the 20 world literature. Immanuel of Kant's 'Aesthetics' can generate only ethical intuition, inspiration to ethical information, generated by developing space and time, for the improvement of the human condition with practical value.

It is now possible, as aesthetics can be used to create cultural chaos. For example, the aesthetics of the Thanksgiving Day is an accepted inspiring concept when families, family celebrate. Thank God for receiving food, when millions of children around the world are starving inarticulate, however mean a rather unethical understanding of classical Greek science of universal love.

Religious politicians doctoring use aesthetic spin, to claim that their aesthetic reasoning is the basis of basic ethical knowledge. An example of this is Cambridge University continuous emphasis since 1932 of the philosopher, F M Cornford, essay, entitled ' before and after Socrates ', Plato as one of the greatest fathers of the Church are in the. This concept was used as a required core curriculum student studies around the world up to this point. It is unethical nonsense because Platonic Mathematics by the Church as a work of the devil, under the governorship of Pope Cyril was banned from Alexandria in 415, and never has been lifted has.

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Philosophy of Plato

Plato is known as one of the world's greatest philosophers. At the time of the death of Pericles in 429 V. was born, he spent almost eighty years to the point, which began the great with the birth of Alexander. He belonged to an aristocratic Athenian family who were the then relatively wealthy by the standards. A large number of Plato's played an active role in Athenian politics related, but this was an activity, the Plato of the spared.

In his youth he was fascinated by the teachings and thoughts of Socrates, so much so that he attended the Academy, established the Socrates. Plato was only thirty years old when Socrates was killed in prison for crimes against the gods.

Although incredibly by the death of Socrates tortured, Plato put on record the discussions he had held with his teacher. Now we know what most of Socrates, the man and his thought, comes from the texts created by Plato.

In the course of time, he began his own concepts and ideas relating to philosophy. His best known work is "The Republic". His thoughts this is on a text that describes a better government than what was currently in power in Athens could be made.

As under the old philosophers of that time usual, he was not a fan of democracy. It was his impression, that uneducated people have no say in the election officials who were to govern. He submitted to meet the a proposal, that the most intellectually should be undertaken in the company, to keep the power and decisions. A cynic may say that due to his education under the aristocracy he would always suggest that the Pinnacle should govern.

Plato had a passion for nature and how biological systems interact and develop. He believed that all matter and mind, a perfect form had. A metaphor in the context of a cave was declared one of the most popular methods that he used his concepts.

He suggested that if there was a cave in which there was a group of men against a wall chained and she could see only the back of the cave and no longer all that what visible for them shadow would be, and all reality included these shadows. He suggested that if one this cave prisoners to escape and in the beauty of the outer world, when he then visit the remaining prisoners and tell them what outside, it is likely that he would be said that he was crazy and perhaps even hallucinating returned existed.

Plato have been proposed that we very much stuck all the men in a cave. We believe that we know about the world and existence, but we are caught up in our bodies, so as the men in the history of cave have been caught. It was his mission people more sense of the real world, both in practical and theoretical directions to.

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Holarchy, the nested hierarchy of Holons

Arthur Koestler coined the terms "Holon" and "Holarchy" in the year 1967 in his book the Ghost in the machine. Recently, these words of the philosopher Ken Wilber have been repopularized. The word Holon's meaning a neuter of the Greek "Holos", "whole." Holon refers to an entity or concept, the at the same time a whole, but is a part of a larger constellation. HOLONS are stable, autonomous and independent, but also subject to control by higher Holonic authorities. You are also intermediate forms on which builds all Holarchy. The Holarchy is a nested hierarchy of Holons. Hierarchy is not the perfect word for that statement, but for lack of another it used. The inappropriateness of come from the Holarchy focus on horizontal translation as opposed to vertical transformation. One thing not to others, but transcends and includes the former. Development is envelopment. This is because of the nested nature of Holarchies.

An example of a Holarchy is, that the particle, Atom, molecule, and upwards through the great chain of being. The particle is a discrete, self-contained Monad (course particle physics will deepen more eventually, but for reasons the discussion) of which may be more of an atom include.... Multiple atoms form a molecule. The test is whether a Holarchy is formed from this Holons a unit remove and see whether the nest can survive. Remove the atom means no molecules can exist, but still keep particles. Remove however, particles and atoms and molecules cannot be found. Aspect of the Holarchy integrated particles and atoms that still differentiated represent the increasing.

Energy to the multiverse matter universe. Cells, organelles to organs to organisms. Companies for ecosystems on the planet. These are the Holons in Holarchy. If this separate Holarchies be taken into account, it can be understood that each Holarchy one other larger Holarchy and is part of. This way of thinking is an attempt, all aspects of the reality in a theory of everything, much like the attempt to find to integrate in physics theory vereinheitlichende a grand of a basic power of the universe. However can Holon and Holarchy envelope and include all businesses and disciplines, matter and the intangible, concrete and abstract, etc.. Ken Wilber has published this A theory of everything, in his book in the year 2000, as introduction to his integral theory of reality a layman.

A basic version of a very detailed idea was presented as a character called "The great Holarchy." in this book. Wilber skillfully, shows that many of the traditions, science and religion, including not are "non-overlapping Magisteria", but nested Holons. Wilber covers the entire range of the reality in this figure. EnVision concentric circles each includes the next, including matter, life, mind, soul and spirit. Everyone is dealing with each Holon, or physics, biology, psychology, theology and mysticism combined with the school. How beautiful it comes together. Everyone can be present without the next, as long as any it contains remains.

To investigate a bit further, you should issue of body and mind the Descartes dualism. Are the two separate entities, or is there a mechanism with which the immaterial mind physical brain and can affect the body? No answer is represented, but the question is more elaborately framed if Holarchy in the Conversatiion. Modern research has shown that awareness is not just some transcendent thing in itself to keep its own existence, as described by some religious traditions. Physical brain condition correlated the disembodied theory of consciousness refute, but it proves not the reductionist approach that consciousness is nothing but neuronal interaction either. We confirm that science and spirituality in a certain sense overlap, and both brothers in their philosophical search be considered for the truth. Brain and consciousness are two Holons, nested with brain awareness. We have seen, in many scenarios, brain without consciousness, as in comas will continue to work. Still, awareness can work without the brain. This fits in with our expectation of Holons in Holarchy.

HOLONS are seen when she and recognized by the most everyone in everyday life, not a new idea. But after the concept called has allows it more clear us to think and apply the concept to other areas of thought and reality. Integration of Holons within Holarchy our thinkers a step closer to that has led to "big picture" and unlocks probably more secrets of the universe. Progress is to be had, but there is no transformation, but a translation, where would we be, and where would we go without a story. Progress itself is a Holarchy history and time!

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My knowledge exchange on Vedanta - Mahāvākyas

Mahavakyas enable to achieve the viewfinder to the non-dual nature of himself and declare an end to the servitude by his knowledge of the Atman and Brahman. The four Mahavakyas can be connected.

There are four Vedas and a statement of each Veda means each Vakya (statement)

Mahavakyas importance Upanishad Veda

1 Prajanam Brahma consciousness is Brahman-Aitreya Upanishad-RG Veda

2 Ahambrahmasmi I am Brahman-Brahadaranyaka Upanishad-Yajur Veda

3 Tat TVAM asi - thus you art Chandogya Upanishad-SAMA Veda

4 Ayamatma Brahma-this itself is Brahman-Mandukya Upanishad-Atharvana Veda

The concept of such as the four Vedas interconnected are is explained by interlaced (interlacing) a beautiful story between students and teacher Vedantic.

The students, a student of Vedantic approaches the teacher and tries, be taught about the ultimate truth. The guru defined the truth - Prajanam Brahma (consciousness is Brahman). This statement is Laksana Vakya, referred to a statement of the definition, because it describes Brahman.

The student gets the brahman as which reference feeling that the Guru is, but he always thought that the brahman was different for him. He thus goes back to the teacher to clarify.

Guru now presents the statement 'Indeed TVAM asi' (, that you are) and explained that the seeker of the sought after is! Since this statement is 'Teachers' Upadesa Vakya statement.

The student gave now knowing intellectually, that "This itself is the non-dual" focused overcomes the faith of the body, mind and intellect to the even are air conditioning and directly experience the brahman on mediation and with detachment & discrimination, - AHAM Brahmasmi (I am Brahman), Anubhava Vakya, a statement of experience.

Once the student recognizes this state of affairs, revel and keep in this knowledge the teacher advises him. This type of compliance ' Ayam ATMA Brahma'-'This itself is Brahman', is 'Anusandhana Vakya', "a declaration of constant practice."

The student this experiential knowledge never loses sight in transactions with the world around him.

This logical sequence provides a road map, listen(sravana), reflect (Mañana), see (Nidhidyasana), experience (Samdhi) and stay to course (Nishtha).

Awesome power is obliged to promote an organization, to motivate, inspire to believe coach and support individuals in themselves and reach their fullest potential in all areas of life.

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Culture dogma - the parallel existence of causal continuation and the cultural continuum

The cultural continuum exists in parallel with the causal continuation of the events of the world. They are inseparable from each other. The culture of a nation is passed on to the next generations, the born, a part of the causal continuation of a nation. It is an endless transaction between generations for as long as mankind exists. Even when values are different and as social behaviour changes by the time the cultures which have root and same origin. The phases of a cultural continuum can be similar to, as if different cultures within the causal continuation of a nation. Their further exceed the limits of mortality in the disappearance of the other no longer as a phase in the history, as the contents of a culture is so significantly changed some branches.

But here that comes the interesting part for the cultures that disappear. Values and beliefs are universal, as they know and are ideas. You are in a framework of values and beliefs, which together produce the core of a culture combined. It is similar to the same colors used like a painting, but creates a different form as the content of the painting is different compared to other paintings. It is similar to atomic structure in various combinations of different entities produced. They are made of entities that have universal, however in unique combinations produce unique entities. And that, although the core of a culture disappears, what they produced universal values and beliefs, do not.

A further interest is what is causal continuation for always remains the course taken by the reality in the past where the effects of a cultural continuum combined with the causal continuation. There is no rewind buttons in the causal continuation. Would be could and so on say goodbye to the second law of thermodynamics. In fact the present different as it is the sum of the past existence of cultural continuum. If the no longer cultural continuum due to their errors is been left to the new way the formation of a new kind of cultural continuum considered present in the Act of the faulty.

Within the mass mind can as well as an idea that dominates the spirit occupied and is no room for other ideas, the mass mind is occupied with cultures and nationalities. People are physiologically relatively equal and the cultural differences, which are made between the different cultures, regardless of race. So can cultures and nationalities reduce the variation of other possible cultures and nationalities that could exist, as the present, the book the world of mass mind. You are to the causal continuation, thus compromising the forms of the emerging future realities. You are the gateways of cause and effect, the sum of which produced the future of tomorrow. And they can diminish the possible forms of cultures as far as dogmatic religions.

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Unveiling the mask of philosophy essay

In this journal, we discuss the essays of Kucklick, outlaw, Locke and West weeks. "Changing the character of philosophy in America", an essay on the periods of the philosophy and how it had an influence in the design of the philosophy. Suppresses reasoning why African-Americans was philosophy "Philosophy, African Americans and the unfinished American Revolution", an essay, and what has done this for the future of philosophy. "Good read", an essay on the nature of philosophy. And "philosophy, politics and makes: an African American perspective", an essay on African-Americans have a revolution.

The first World War I. Kucklick "The change character of philosophy in American" began in the middle of the seventeenth century... explains how in this time philosophy with the Puritans and how were the philosopher priest began early. At this time, philosophers than were "public man." To show how these thinkers, their ideas from the human, nature, the divine, religious Kucklick, (Bible) based. Later Kucklick continues through the second period, at the same time, which was the first third of the eighteenth century, the second world war talk.

While science into play began this time. This is when you have your Newton and Locke stirring up conflict with, the things on the divine and spiritual truth is based. Newton came and people realize that science had played a role in the development of philosophy. This means that you have Jonathan Edwards, Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin comes into the picture and realized that there is a Union between science, philosophy and religion...Kucklicks third period, after the second world war, which is the twentieth century, when things started to more technical has become. Their philosophers came as your teachers, professors, and some of your politicians known. This brought the barrier between the various philosophers to be the popularity techniques and ideas from the past. Kucklick goes on to speak as the future of philosophy went downhill. He called stating that underestimated, ignored philosopher the history of philosophy the philosophers "ignorant provincial, Na?ve, and woolly-minded".

Begins "Philosophy, African Americans and the unfinished American Revolution", you give the background of the word philosophy, which are known as the Empire of the architect and archiving of the specifications of what it means to be human. It was named, come from the people of Europe, which claims how do know that as the only ones who knew comes. Outlaw goes on to speak, such as politics, dealing with the social classes between very wealthy had an influence on philosophy and the working class. He is also extensively about the oppression of African Americans. He seems to think that these philosophers were all on the white Americans support. If they aren't the only ones that were there. It was as if she had when they came over, which brought them to Africans and the Indians were already there. She saw only their traditions and their culture. The produce, the question of how one can say there is no such thing as African American philosophy? What makes your background philosophy and me not? Outlaw still believes that blacks are still by this oppression, but we are blind to realize this.

"Good reading," and "philosophy, politics and makes: an African American perspective", spoke about which philosophy was and what happened to it. Both discuss the emphasis on who has turned to philosophy and it's like now in something, that gives no one really not so much used these essays. Philosophy is one of those things holes, the people and can only become understood the intellect. West also has but, another idea. He speaks of one revolution of the black, he thinks to be held soon.

Finally these readings have us out torn in many directions to, where you will find what the animal really is African - American philosophy. Of Kucklicks theory from the Bible outlaws idea of oppression can be seen, that there is an animal called African-American philosophy, and we have it just discovered.

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The beauty of imperfection - Wabi Sabi

I often think about how are shortcomings and faults part of what absolutely natural materials make so beautiful. This is, what makes beautiful, imperfect people us all too! The Japanese have an aesthetic philosophy, studied and revered the feeling, has called it Wabi Sabi. As the absolute and real truth of Wabi Sabi not written so many Eastern philosophies or expressed in words, but words is what I have, I'll keep!

Wabi Sabi is the beauty of the shortcomings and the fact that all over is transient, temporary. For example, we have a wall of cement in the garden, which is crumbling. My husband wanted it down and make a new. The horror! I saved this wall from Newification and planted around it. And behold, it's new-found moisture, green algae (a precursor of the MOSS) has started to grow in the cliffs of the exposed pebbles. A crumbling, Mossy wall is a perfect example for what is Wabi Sabi. The beauty of Wabi Sabi is not only about destruction and decay. The beauty lies in the contrast and the combination of something alive, new, vibrant with the process of decay and destruction, and it seems to me that contains also the contrast of decay and destruction with the renewal, recovery, 'Renewal'. It is inherent to a cancelled a beauty, moss covered wall that is past, to history with age and life lived by the wall. Sometimes heartbreaking Poignance is so, we can feel just nice that we do not even think about it!

If I in my jewelry, art, embroidery, natural materials find knitting work, I, that I'm attracted to natural imperfections more materials with natural imperfections or the facial expressions. I come to this most often when buying semi precious gems for jewelry making. Funny, that the highest quality stones more expensive and usually less beautiful. You are without accidental veins and patches of other minerals mixed uniform. There is no color variation between stones. How boring! The more a material imitating the Wabi Sabi essence of nature (the bumps, the irregular colour change) the more I am drawn there. Hand painted yarns and C-grade gems are perfect examples.

I think a lot of people feel this way, but maybe we're a minority? If we were not, would not be diamonds so popular. I am always amazed the gems and minerals collections in museums, this rugged cliffs with brilliant splashes of color and interesting crystal formations. What is even more amazing that the perfect, cut draw more gems, kept in a special dark room with light for a better display and are more value should be. This is so funny.

The same goes for the people in my opinion to. I was inspired to this post from a very inspiring article by LuAnn Udell writing where she tells how the small shortcomings in us all, which are so beautiful, make more beautiful as well as the imperfections in wood such as nodes and disease. (Birds-eye maple wood coveted this huge Boles, who is on the pages of the trees grow to, where limbs have been cut off and who does not love, wood turned bowls?) Sure, I talk too much and too often it is about myself, but hey, that's part of my charm, right? So, let's all be somewhat imperfect, and revel in our own beauty and in the moments of Wabi Sabi beauty around us!

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Trust no one - way of poetically - she has said

Last month, I was having a fun conversation with someone who had a strip of bitterness toward life as it had turned out. She had blamed the various culprits, their former spouses who are bad guys, and some with political party leaders over the years. In fact, I laughed and said "trust no one"-it's easier, because you are never hinuntergelassen this way. No expectations means no disappointments.

She laughed and said; "Trust you said nobody somehow a poetic ring, isn't it?" Yes, I like it. And I know that you trust "nobody" may not because it would be someone you see? In any case I said I just did a book; "Our undiscovered universe - introduction of NULL physics, the science of the uniform and unconditional reality" by Terence Witt, on nothing, in, that nothing suggests there is no; or indeed, as nothing is really something, there has always been, and it must in this case are available.

In fact, here is another thought, if you "trust no one" and no one does not exist, then you have no change of falling for BS. Perhaps should say "trust" zero - but in reality no one can trust, and you can trust not two or more either. Since religions generally on the "select" - talk don't trust em'-and confidence either, remember "not something" holograms are hollow, but can be untrustworthy. And you can not nothing, trust, because "nothing" false is, nothing does not exist, therefore it does so or so you can not trust. Ha ha ha, philosophy.

My acquaintance said something funny; "you are good, not the whole truth about themselves accidentally tell." Have this, I someone to trust, that the subject would based not fact "no confidence" and force a to subscribe to is wrong, especially if one itself, trusted as everyone is someone so that she would be right? Sure, and the argument is circular, only I suppose an other philosophical conundrum.

So you can start the problem with this line of reasoning and advice "no confidence" and it see conceptual is really anyway. But words and definitions are dangerous game, especially in human language, people do not even trust to come with an infallible language. They would of think, now a better communication system to the come up with would have. But surely, even those who say, trust everyone a little, that they do not trust. My acquaintance specified; "You can share hair and say - I trust you only so far or I trust him only for 'this'." Indeed, is, Yes, right.

Now then, I think, if you have a dog you trust your dog, people, confidence, what's not so sure. Sure, you keep it simple. Trust no one, I told them! Now, how can see that is not such a fun way to life that have life, but I enjoy playing devil's advocate with this common set. Do you have a common phrase, email me, and let's you access to it together. Please note all of this.

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Creation of life - an alternative theory

When reading the bible (the old testament and the Torah especially) the view created is of a God-larger and more powerful than US but with human qualities of jealousy, anger and retribution. A God that desires blood sacrifices from its people to keep it happy. A God that does not hesitate to kill the firstborn children of the Israelites' enemies (the Egyptians). In other words, a God who is, what we today would call a child abuser. We've basically created a God with lower standards for life than our own.

Understand clearly that what we call "God" possesses none of these attributes.

This is not a solid universe. Solid matter is really just tiny energy particles vibrating very quickly. There is a fundamental emptiness that underlies everything. If you could look inside an atom, you would see that it is made up predominantly of empty space.

Science believes we live in a purely mechanistic universe and that the phenomenon of evolution arises out of chance mutation. But, the truth is that nothing comes out of nothing! Most people intuitively know this and that is why there is a feeling of discomfort about the current paradigm of scientific and spiritual knowledge. It is incomplete. We do not yet have the big picture.

What if there is an eternal consistent foundation to the universe, which is what "God" or universal consciousness or "Love" (whatever you want to call it) really is? Human words and concepts are not helpful here because you can 't know what you don' t know. But, it is also human nature to try to reach past that fact so let's go ahead and have a play:

What if everything holds varying levels of "awareness" inside of it which is infinite and eternal? You could call this a tiny piece of God. On this planet, humans have reached the highest level of consciousness we know, by which I mean we are the only creatures who realize we are "alive" and know we are going to die. Everything else around US simply lives as part of nature without appreciating this fact. The dinosaurs did not spend their time worrying about their demise. They just lived, something we, as self conscious creatures, can no longer do.

Once a life form reaches the level of self conscious awareness, chronic anxiety sets in along with a compelling need to reduce that anxiety to manageable levels, hence our creation of many distractions from this problem and in particular the creation of religion, our primary coping device for dealing with life and death. The question we need to ask ourselves here though is...Is there a "God" or a universal consciousness behind the gods, men and women have created in our religions and history? One that can be experienced but not defined. One that makes all of our definitions woefully inadequate.

Perhaps this ultimate level of consciousness; something way beyond the self consciousness we currently experience, cannot be fully known by an individualized life form because to know it fully would rob US of our individuality, that is; We would become part of IT once we knew it completely. Just a thought!

Perhaps it is inaccessible yet undetectably everywhere, existing in a state of equilibrium, silence and stillness out of which everything else arises, all visible and invisible creation.

If we could split universal consciousness, it might divide into two impulse or forces; one being creative, outward moving, masculine or electric energy and the other being, feminine, moving in reward, survival focused magnetic energy. For the sake of simplicity, we could call these two forces the mother and father impulse.

If you think about the "Mother" impulse, there is a drive to create security and protection for any form of creation. Without this impulse (some people fittest or the "selfish gene" call it the survival of the), life and its survival would not have unfolded.

Perhaps as we evolve, you can start to feel "IT" or God more discernibly because it underlies all reality. People in both religious and non religious environments might experience on awareness of universal consciousness if the right conditions inside and outside of them exist.

What could have happened at the time of the big bang or according to the book of Genesis when God created the heavens and the earth what that the "equilibrium" of these opposing forces within universal consciousness exploded and split to bring about the creation of individual form? The splitting process so created the impulse of consciousness in all matter or life.

The initial period after the split of what one of chaos of particles but slowly, perhaps over billions of years, the process of creation began to unfold. The two forces, one electrical the other magnetic started to draw matter together working both independently and together, having two separate natures and different functions to create and evolve life.

These impulse work together within the individual human, within planet a personal relationship, a country, a and a universe all in much the same way. Whenever they are out of balance or one is unnaturally subdued by the other, sickness follows.

A good example of such an imbalance can be seen in the widespread child abuse within the Catholic Church. This has arisen because of a refusal to honor the natural balance of the feminine within its patriarchal structure. For 2000 years it has stereotyped women as either whores or virgins, presented its priests and congregation with a warped sense of sexuality and damaged many lives as a result. Even today in the midst of scandal and internal disease, it is still incapable of allowing women to hold a senior leadership role. It is of course unfair to pick on the Catholic Church when one could refer to so many other religions or cultures where this scenario is common. Equally there are many organizations now where to impulse feminine of the over supply, causes lack of positive growth, drama and fear. Parts of our media exhibit this imbalance. Just take a look at the front page of your local newspaper on any given day and see what the lead story is.

The result of in excess of the father impulses eventually leads to discord, chaos, suffering and if unchecked by a weakened or controlled impulse mother; war and death. Likewise, too much of the mother impulse creates fear, drama and inertia. It is the two forces working together and honoring each other equally, which leads to harmonious and creative evolution. This is the case at every level of creation.

The two forces powerfully perform the work of creation from the formation of elements to living molecules and cells to conscious and eventually self conscious! These two forces that work in men and women to prompt them to join together, conceive and rear children to continue the evolutionary process.

What is the next step in this unfolding ladder of life? Is it possible for US to expand our consciousness in a way that can balance the competing needs within US and around US more creatively?

Is it possible that instead of appealing to an external deity whose favor must be earned by our good behavior, we could choose to behave and see ourselves as more autonomous or dare I say it, more godlike?

Could we choose to rescue ourselves and our world by on of the "self" expansion of our understanding?

Could we accept a deeper knowledge of how the mother and father impulse work within US and around US to produce our own optimum life?

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