The rogue files (file two) unnatural selection

Part one of two: the selection

Natural selection vs.
Human selection

There is a difference between "The origin of species" or "Natural selection" not survive importance, nature, which should, and should be based on characteristics and so on, and today we call it, genetic engineering, or cumulative selection selects. We do this, to plants and animals; in other words, breeding out of control. Similar to Bible in the old days was the planting and harvesting. Darwin took to a step further with the notice of all be obvious as the growing number of organisms, and if they do, not in a position to survive, only the selected pair, or many, depending on it, but look at it from a different angle.

The ship angle:

It's 1720 A.D.; You are a Negro, soon, slave, be sold as New Orleans slave platform on the in the center of the city. The ship was made to hold 350 slaves, there are 520 in a Hall; You are in the cramped Hall for three months. Twenty percent die suffocation and disease due to the scarce resources, space. We see here a difference to survive ability for certain groups: the old, weak and the very young, against the strong, able, full bodied and young adults.

Imperceptible one causal observer, but all organisms in this spell of death, the first category; nothing to do with natural selection, or genetic makeup, per se. Instead, environment plays the biggest part (if removed she would survive); If not the reckless and callous breeder of the disease, it is the largest cause of the indirect selection for death.

The scientist is looking backwards for a critical theory to selection for our species today... Let us look at a million years, the width of the time, strange is the scientist for some reason. He tells us, will adapt in the face of this time, organisms to their environments...

In fact, they are but we need not million years, a few generations works just fine. In Patagonia, there is a kind of birds, on cliffs, six inches wide life. You have now for about eighty years, since moving the environment been, with the decline of the glacier. I've seen this personally.

Love you live to eat, and sleep, also on the six inch wide cliffs. This is for me is simple. One change lifestyles, due to the environment. In the morning, in the Pacific Ocean, with a fishing pole and coconut, be me as big as a car park, and you to a deserted island see, running a bronze native around crazy in a short time, but if there enough coconuts and bait fish, I'm going to survive, and I don't even need a generation, a couple of weeks will do the trick.

The criminal analogy

We need bloodhounds to track criminals, we need a better laws. If the arrested criminals not in the Roman days worked, or was useless, the Romans for laboratory, he was killed. He was not to a burden of society, the taxpayers.

This new concept of "I am sad," was not good enough back in those distant days, unfortunately not the Bills to pay. Nor will 'sorry' feed the family, that the thief has stolen all Kohl of the poor of farmer's cabbage patch or garden, but behold, the thief is 'sorry,' never mind that thought.

So you can see even the criminals has a customization feature, he knows the laws, their variations, its usefulness, he knows it better than the farmer.

I'm always a little off track here, but only people are so careless as to breed out of its worst game.

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