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Upanishads presented a profound truth, which is universal, boundless, immutable, unkörperlich and all pervading consciousness Brahman or even in all of us. This itself has no name, shape, form or color, any description without attributes. The names and forms, we use are for our own understanding. This itself is beyond meaning. This itself is existence - know bliss. Self-knowledge is the central theme of the Upanishads, essence of liberation. The Upanishads it is responsible for the guru spiritual wisdom to worthy or qualified students and the student practices implementation to provide reflection with meditation. At this point it is all being able to itself and see in all beings.

By implementing the 'immortal itself' in each of us can overcome a death and achieve Moksha. Those who leave without being aware of this even know this world to always go from death, death, and again and again, until they experience it. Heart in every one of us is the temple where the Lord appears. Self-recognition is expressed when we serve with the spirit of selfless service for all living beings. Love is the result of the oneness of existence. If not itself used wealth and prosperity know, breeds delusion. Intellectual knowledge alone if not in the direction of even know created selfishness. If science and technology will know not even used, we are deeper in the ruin.

We say so much about themselves know? What is even know?

In Wayne Dyer presentation, I heard that in a philosophy class, the teacher was a test of his students. He had only one question on the test paper for 100 points was "who are you?"
What's the catch? He had reservations in the next page. He knew that flip would the students of that page to see more...The second page said ' you may not contain your name or your parents name, your city, your qualifications, your possessions, your relatives. None of these labels are valid responses. These are the mere labels. Now, you write the answer to the question. You can write as many pages as you like '. The answer to this question is leading Upanishad to discover us...

Can you try to answer this?

' Who am I? Who am I?' Take a notebook and write this question in the entire page. See if you can answer the question. Meditate on it. Stay focused and have other thoughts you do not disturb you. Get the answer to "who am I?"

Remember this BMI - body, mind and intellect. You are not this body. "When you say 'my hand' says ' my mind", which is 'my'. You are not of this opinion. Can you observe your thoughts? If so, then you are separated from the spirit. Then who are you? You are not the intellect. Who makes the decisions in situations in which you meet? The more you question these terms, you notice that you did just this body are witnesses. The 'even' in you called Atman is to animate the energy for the body. This Atman is the same in the microcosmic level as Brahman cosmic macro-level. They differ from each other. Therefore focus on the 'even' in you is what outside of you, all, temporary. Sri Ramakrishna says 'in your inner Chamber type'

This Atman in covered and bound in this physical frame and is called Jivatman or Jiva. It can be said that there is only one Atman or Brahman and all inclusive from each single cell Amoeba man many Jiva.
Brahman or the Atman is Nirguna Brahman is without attributes and Nirakara, without forms and therefore unable description except through the process of elimination. 'Nay - Iti' Baja Govindam tells you in detail.

Associated with Brahman, Maya, is also the cause of Saguna Brahman, also Isvara. This Isvara is responsible for the creation, preservation and dissolution. Isvara is God (generator, operator, destroyer), has a form and writable. The effect is the Jagat, the whole world, all inclusive.

Although Brahman is the permanent natural sand of this universe and Atman is our nature, can we not ignore, this world in which we live. For all practical purposes, it is very real. Even fighting to Moksha must occur only here. Therefore let's you find out, as the world was created.

At the beginning, Brahman alone Atman and 'sa' existed, also known as. 'Satellite' means something that exists in all periods of time, past, present and future.

Brahman created the five elements of the even space, air, fire, water and Earth. These are the PANCA Mahaboothas. A permutation of the combination of these five elements led the world. The best text that explains this concept is published by Chinmaya ATMA Bodha, mission.

Even after the result of Brahman, the world still in it and merges in him at the time of Pralaya, resolution. Resolution is different from destruction because resolution leads to relaxation...

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