Zen and the art of 'Nothing' - do, such as this mystery in everyday life

If you have Zen, sees the world differently.This consciousness could mean on a deeper level that innocent laugh your child, who enjoy warm, gentle breeze on your veranda or the Park, being tempted as it is produced by wind and Sun is caressed by the beauty of a flower, wild, or stop to admire the silent power and Majesty of an old oak tree on your way to the train station.If a truck, repair of cars, teach children, edit your task a newspaper, is service to the medical care of patients, litigation, prosecution/Defense a commercial / political campaign or run a business, it means fully involved in and fully concentrated (mindfulness) on what you should do right now, who are you and your work and not to distinguish.If you are a sports buff, it could mean the joy of your triumph of fatigue and pain, as you even at a higher level fully involve your. Things to do difficult, strengthens your willpower and self-control. It strengthens your "mental muscles". And how all other muscles, the more you practice it, the stronger they will.It is to achieve a perfect symmetry and unity of body and spirit. The idea is, the distinction between object (your work or 'do') and subject (you) blur that think and act to a uniform, harmonious whole insert. In this way, you will be motivated a person more alert, more robust, and superior.The high quality of your work is the product of this single-minded commitment. In any human activity have at work or in the game, a calm, clear, focused mind an edge over a always, the provisional and tense overloaded is. That is the epitome of Zen.We know all the stories about athletes is "in the zone" if they so "locked - in" they are not nothing wrong seem to do. The brilliant performances of great athletes like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Kim Yu-na and Alex Rodriguez during the memorable, high stakes games mark a hassle-free combination of grace and power. the makers and the perfect unison is 'do'.We see the same sounding combination in unison and blurring the "doer" and that "If" in the art of Ballet, the dancer and the dance a nisht to differential will flow and movement patterns.HUNTER AND PREYZen is also in the test of wills between a good Hunter and a worthy prey if the Chase is a Savannah in Africa or deep waters in the Pacific Ocean in a jungle in Brazil, if the hunters have to enter the spirit of its prey, to identify with her and "be" the object of his hunting very to track it down, to catch or kill you. Such deep identification with an object inevitably to one kindred respect and empathy with him. This is why hunters pay tribute to always their victims in the background and open, after he it.At the institutional level (combat) is what characterized the Samurai swordsmen century of Japan, the embraced Zen to soothe and strengthen their minds for lethal fight, to the extent, training and actual combat, which is a natural extension of their bodies seemed like it with powerful Samurai sword and yet effortless Grace be moved, as in a perfectly choreographed dance.Measure frown Zen, like all Buddhism, on violence and war, except in self-defence. Some Samurai, it could be argued, exploited Zen hidden power clear to lead offensive battles for personal gain."nothing to do", but life fully involved, as it comes, so that there is an organic unit experience. Nothing more and nothing less.It applies to many aspects of human experience. What's more, come use and participation in these gifts of life and nature, practically free of charge in many cases. Most of us have this invaluable gift for granted that most for the recording virtually are available throughout the year.Those know of us, rich gifts of nature and they have a nourishing, healing Balsam in their lives, are inevitably targeted, energetic, happier and healthier.