Is fashion art?

A few instant coffee granules miss the Cup as often first thing in the morning. With slow sleepy I steals mop it up while I wait for the kettle boil. If I have succeeded, the correct number of coffee granules from the coffee in my cup give glass, and just the right amount of sugar, milk and hot water added, it will be then a good cup of coffee. But if I just really not get ratio, it's yuck, which goes to show that an art to make it a decent Cup of Java. Or is it? An art, coffee, I mean.

The question, what is the "art" with a capital t around for a long time been present. People are pretty much that a good cup of coffee is any it but still a lot of disagreement over certain modes of expression how to write, is film-making and fashion. It is the idea that can be used to fashion that an art has called the because it developed itself from sewing and tailoring, a craft is, though tailoring "Architecture" and the cover of the tissue of the body as "sculptural". Many designers make references to art and artistic theories and concepts in their work or are still relegated to the ranks of the frivolous where Haute Couture as the financially wealthy fetish is considered. And as soon as Haute Couture and start- and runway diluted collections for consumption by the public they have been then otherwise as financial resources and functional clothing are seen on the market.

Another reason why fashion is not considered art, is because, as in film production, a number of people the various tasks in the creation of a garment, such as the designer, website name participate manufacturer, pattern cutter and seamstress just a few to name a few. Because designers are working to produce a garment, often not only fit with the traditional view of the artist as a lonely genius and are therefore not as an artist, although their vision will look like the garment is their own.

In short, there is no clear answer on whether fashion is art or not, because so many ways to interpret and use a single piece of clothing. It can be, seen as a protection from the elements, an expression of belonging to a particular socio cultural group, as a personal form of expression if it is worn, or in the purest sense as the embodiment of the vision of its creator, the designer. Because fashion is so fluid and open to interpretation, it fits in with the theories of many disciplines and forms of expression, of which only a kind is.

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