Trust no one - way of poetically - she has said

Last month, I was having a fun conversation with someone who had a strip of bitterness toward life as it had turned out. She had blamed the various culprits, their former spouses who are bad guys, and some with political party leaders over the years. In fact, I laughed and said "trust no one"-it's easier, because you are never hinuntergelassen this way. No expectations means no disappointments.

She laughed and said; "Trust you said nobody somehow a poetic ring, isn't it?" Yes, I like it. And I know that you trust "nobody" may not because it would be someone you see? In any case I said I just did a book; "Our undiscovered universe - introduction of NULL physics, the science of the uniform and unconditional reality" by Terence Witt, on nothing, in, that nothing suggests there is no; or indeed, as nothing is really something, there has always been, and it must in this case are available.

In fact, here is another thought, if you "trust no one" and no one does not exist, then you have no change of falling for BS. Perhaps should say "trust" zero - but in reality no one can trust, and you can trust not two or more either. Since religions generally on the "select" - talk don't trust em'-and confidence either, remember "not something" holograms are hollow, but can be untrustworthy. And you can not nothing, trust, because "nothing" false is, nothing does not exist, therefore it does so or so you can not trust. Ha ha ha, philosophy.

My acquaintance said something funny; "you are good, not the whole truth about themselves accidentally tell." Have this, I someone to trust, that the subject would based not fact "no confidence" and force a to subscribe to is wrong, especially if one itself, trusted as everyone is someone so that she would be right? Sure, and the argument is circular, only I suppose an other philosophical conundrum.

So you can start the problem with this line of reasoning and advice "no confidence" and it see conceptual is really anyway. But words and definitions are dangerous game, especially in human language, people do not even trust to come with an infallible language. They would of think, now a better communication system to the come up with would have. But surely, even those who say, trust everyone a little, that they do not trust. My acquaintance specified; "You can share hair and say - I trust you only so far or I trust him only for 'this'." Indeed, is, Yes, right.

Now then, I think, if you have a dog you trust your dog, people, confidence, what's not so sure. Sure, you keep it simple. Trust no one, I told them! Now, how can see that is not such a fun way to life that have life, but I enjoy playing devil's advocate with this common set. Do you have a common phrase, email me, and let's you access to it together. Please note all of this.

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