Thank you letter - you mean recognition of the philosophy of Seneca

If you look closely in the values, one would see lessons and ideal, that are currently taught by many today that these teachings are not new, nor are they original. It is my firm belief that all spiritual, philosophical and social ideal last optimizations come from and just restructured and were reworded to fit the modern context of today. It is with this in mind, I want to my appreciation by this thank you letter extending one of the ancestors of the values, most of us today in keeping the Roman philosopher Seneca the younger.

Dear Seneca,

The philosophy that taught during your time has also for modern wisdom meaning be. I, on the one hand have been moved by your teachings and have tried, which many values for life, that you have in a number of your essays and letters wrote. This letter thank you is for.

One of my personal favorites is when you wrote "Les Misérables, whose appetite is temptation only by expensive foods", refers to the concept, that true wealth should never be measured, by mere possession, but by the time and opportunity to do what you want, make a difference, and the control over their own lives. This is a philosophy (one of the people, I was in high hold that esteem and follow) the 4-hour work week was adopted by the author of Tim Ferris in his book. That the truth in this term has somewhat affected my own approach, which is important in my life and how I my time to manage.

I find your idea, that happiness and satisfaction in extravagance or looking to collect as much material as pleasant stay belongings, but instead is found in Temperance, experience and enlightenment by education. I think this is quite appropriate, perhaps even more so, in the world we now live where the people seem to equate more of everything that can be purchased with have success. My life with your idea made certainly me more content.

There are many formulas for happiness, success, and life, which are today, in fact, I feel is taught me are all derivatives of your ancient teachings. I think, shows this, as we take old wisdom like yours can't. Also, if we are ever expanding appreciation of the concepts that determine our lives now, we should give our "thank you" for most come away with.

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