Luke Hillier, a CEO who fought for cancer sufferers

Of the many people who can provide inspiration to the world, tucked in a name, Luke Hillier.

Luke Hillier is one person that inspired many people in the world. Many people know him as Luke Hillier, ADS. Why ADS? Because Luke Hillier is the CEO of Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc (ADS Inc.).

As a successful businessman, Luke Hillier was also a philanthropist. He was very much concerned about cancer. Luke Hillier always tried to be involved in the program against cancer. Even as a tangible manifestation of concern for cancer, Luke Hillier set up a foundation, namely Hillier Foundation.

Luke Hillier, Virginia Beach where he was born, he has made the work and dedication to the call live. He does not forget that all the material he received was a gift from God, therefore he's also not forget to share what they have to others who are in need, namely people living with cancer.

Currently, not many people have a soul and spirit like Luke Hillier. The trend is that many people who succeed in your career but do not do something for someone else. The spirit and soul of humanity Luke Hillier was need to emulate, for the higher sense of humanity around us.