Culture dogma - the parallel existence of causal continuation and the cultural continuum

The cultural continuum exists in parallel with the causal continuation of the events of the world. They are inseparable from each other. The culture of a nation is passed on to the next generations, the born, a part of the causal continuation of a nation. It is an endless transaction between generations for as long as mankind exists. Even when values are different and as social behaviour changes by the time the cultures which have root and same origin. The phases of a cultural continuum can be similar to, as if different cultures within the causal continuation of a nation. Their further exceed the limits of mortality in the disappearance of the other no longer as a phase in the history, as the contents of a culture is so significantly changed some branches.

But here that comes the interesting part for the cultures that disappear. Values and beliefs are universal, as they know and are ideas. You are in a framework of values and beliefs, which together produce the core of a culture combined. It is similar to the same colors used like a painting, but creates a different form as the content of the painting is different compared to other paintings. It is similar to atomic structure in various combinations of different entities produced. They are made of entities that have universal, however in unique combinations produce unique entities. And that, although the core of a culture disappears, what they produced universal values and beliefs, do not.

A further interest is what is causal continuation for always remains the course taken by the reality in the past where the effects of a cultural continuum combined with the causal continuation. There is no rewind buttons in the causal continuation. Would be could and so on say goodbye to the second law of thermodynamics. In fact the present different as it is the sum of the past existence of cultural continuum. If the no longer cultural continuum due to their errors is been left to the new way the formation of a new kind of cultural continuum considered present in the Act of the faulty.

Within the mass mind can as well as an idea that dominates the spirit occupied and is no room for other ideas, the mass mind is occupied with cultures and nationalities. People are physiologically relatively equal and the cultural differences, which are made between the different cultures, regardless of race. So can cultures and nationalities reduce the variation of other possible cultures and nationalities that could exist, as the present, the book the world of mass mind. You are to the causal continuation, thus compromising the forms of the emerging future realities. You are the gateways of cause and effect, the sum of which produced the future of tomorrow. And they can diminish the possible forms of cultures as far as dogmatic religions.

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