The next generation of human nature and civilisation

The traditional American philosophy is characterized by the concept of natural law and the rule of law, etc.. That our social and political laws should reflect the natural laws of human nature. You are that self-interest and competition inherent attributes of human nature are the premise underlying.

Our social and State systems should these natural aspects of human nature channel in a perfect Union. It is designed with three main branches of the Government, the same so they could compete with each other and prevent that everyone to suppress a branch.

At the same time the Government was formed, published his book, wealth of Nations Adam Smith. I haven't read the book, but I understand that it suggests that this philosophy natural are the self-interest and competition and healthy. This postmodern philosophy, that everything is subjective and selfish was very popular at this time.

I believe that the enlightenment are philosophy of realism and essentialism an accurate understanding of human nature and reality. Objective reality exists independent of anyone's perception. I agree also with the existential principles of ownership, self-determination, and entrepreneurship. You are inherently attributes of human nature, which are available in accordance with an ecosystem, the restrictions on the expression of inhärenten consists of creative freedom in human nature.

The American Revolution was a giant step forward relative to the rule of man, the aristocracy, nobility and feudalism, which revolutionized it. The evidence, that is the dramatic transformation of the social and economic development of human civilization, which has taken place since the American Revolution.

Then, in response to the world wars of the twentieth century, the United Nations and the Bretton Woods banking system was established. The UN is based on the premise that people are cooperative and strives for peace and justice for all people everywhere, with particular emphasis on the poorest, most disadvantaged of the world citizens protect themselves make.

The Bretton Woods banking system, setting up the World Bank and the IMF, etc., is based on the dollar. It is now essentially bankrupt. The United Nations has recovered from the destruction of World War II and the wealth is much more widely distributed.

Economy and politician of world leading Government are currently consulting, at the United Nations, Organization for economic cooperation and Development Forum, etc. about like unipolar Bretton-Woods system, replaced by a more global framework of social and economic development, and this transition as peacefully as possible to reach (OECD) and the world economic.

The philosophical, social and economic development progress that we made between the American Revolution and the founding of the United Nations is again dramatically. It is an another giant step forward in our understanding of human nature and civilisation.

Human civilization is what we, the people on Earth, can do. We are free agents, who are responsible and accountable for the own actions. Civilized people people cooperate with each other on the basis of the rule of law, rather than compete with each other for food and shelter as wildlife and, that all Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest.

Of course, we have these natural instincts that we have inherited from our animal heritage. We have, but also the rule of law, first revealed religions in our world and then in the social and economic development of the human nature and civilization.

Humanity is a universal common wealth. The United Nations is our global Federation of Nations. I'm very patriotic about the United States. I have extensively studied its history and philosophy, and look at the United States one of the largest Member of the United Nations. More, the cause of human rights as to any other nation or people in the history of the American nation and the people have.

I only feel, as the United Nations consider the United States philosophy philosophy is, like the United States philosophy of feudalism is superior, which replaced it. The American people teaching the value of peace and cooperation with our global community is important and difficult. It is important, because peace in the world have the American people have in a peaceful and respectful way agree to participate in our global community.

It will be difficult because of the traditional American values, which are values, independence, self-interest and competition are so deeply rooted in our American consciousness. Other Nations will have the same difficult process through the renunciation of the tribal attitude of superiority. The rest of the world accepts no American hegemony, and the right. We do not accept China is either the Middle Kingdom.

All we have to abandon our provincial, tribal, racial and national sense of superiority. We can and will live in peace and harmony with each other and our natural habitat. We make enormous progress. The whole world economy is booming. There is more wealth and prosperity, further widespread now than ever before in the history of the Earth.

And we have to make great progress. That is, why is it so important to unite to educate the American people, and people in the world. Unite the clans! Let in this universal common wealth, our ancestors created and make you it work together us. Create a perfect Union, which includes all people everywhere.

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