Are humans and chimpanzees the same type but different races really? Be honest now

Are people upright walking primates right? Yes, that is true, but who is to say that chimpanzees are actually a race of people the 98.7% of human DNA parts not? Scary thought, OK, but hear me out, also if you do not care to here think, because it might humble you very best of your species-centric attitude. Now then, since the DNA is so close, it is quite possible that humans and chimpanzees can inter-breed, so, are they human definition - brethren. Of course, is this easy right proven?

Last week I was someone with a 150 this with an overseas well-known + discussion IQ and they said "Yes I think it is." But it is probably a lot of people who are opposed to it. "Do you know if it has a serious discussion about the attempt to do this?" Well, actually, and this is you, Yes, shock, has been. I do not know whether the offspring was viable (able to reproduce). It is an age in the 1950s years 1960s and I do not know what kind of chimpanzees I think, it was a Bonobo.

The person who it, act not admit she had sex with a chimpanzee offspring in the circus was used for a while, died early, chimpanzees life not so long to how people, probably other problems, psychological, sociological, disease and nutrition. I was with my acquaintance; "This is a terrible environment and a way to do the experiment."

Yes, but if we ban experiments, they happen anyway, with the people, the show running less than ethical. Also, people don't really know the truth they can not deal with all their religion instead of amazement and a jump in know the individual was treated as a freak in a side show. No one was unable to process the truth of what happened.

People think that they special, but how much special as each life evolved from a niche carving? Go perhaps more successful such as mammals, and attributes, arguments order a large number of higher skills and sensors are the same, but not so special she should mislead his in denial of. It is a pretty mean thing to do, "a circus" freak show, quite cruel - people?

My acquaintance at the hearing this; "I don't think that breeding to something positive, with the exception of prove the similarity of DNA leads." Right, the case showed a more upright walking, chimpanzee, with fair skin, very strong, and larger than a chimpanzee but smaller than the average man harry something less search. It was said, smarter than that of a normal chimpanzee, but due to the fact that it was better by his human friends, as it grew to people, not chimps could have been maintained.

In fact, I hope you please consider all this and think about it, and as always you can email me about concerns, comments or questions, but I maintained non-religious fever or damnation for the discussion of this issue.

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