Chinese version of the story of the Phoenix

It is wonderful, some to find the same or similar numbers in Western and oriental cultures. This mythological bird is one of them. In the Western world, it is the "Phoenix" or "Fire bird." called Oriental culture represented the Chinese call the bird "Fenghuang." Japanese used the same Chinese characters and call it "Houou." This sacred bird is in various mythologies. It is not only a European and East Asian creature. The bird is in the mythology of the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians and Indians. The common feature is that this bird has eternal life. You jump into a volcano, the life and the text to update and flies again.

The Chinese version of this bird is an old story of a Chinese philosophers, such as the huge bird with eternal life called "Huang." in the Zhuangzi, According to the Zhuangzi, a giant bird in the Northern Ocean living history. The sea such as big fish eggs is formed under water. If the stormy season comes, flying you from the deep ocean. It looks like an island from the sea. Arising out of the water, now looks like a bird. It spreads its wings and fly south, pouring the water of the milky way in the country. Huang flies high with its wings create massive wind. The wind of Huang's wings admits new birth grasses, flowers, fruits, plants and animals in these countries. The bird is the origin of life, give new life to the Earth by flying.

Sparrows and pigeons saw Huang flies distances, laughed and said migrate 10,000 miles or more makes no sense, because they can fly 10-20 miles and find enough food.

These birds never understand that the food, have grown them, because the Huang flying bird.

This story contains some interesting meanings. Those who are satisfied with the small world, in which they live, can never understand the big picture. The world is only 10-20 miles from where they live sparrows and pigeons. You will never understand that there is a wider world outside their territory. Those who can stick to their own little world never understand the vastness of the world.

The second interpretation of this story is an own size. The Huang can fly high in the sky and travel around the world, because it was created in this way. Would fly when sparrows or pigeons tries the Huang fly the same distance, they lost, and die. It is development of safer and smarter remain those own size and ability.

In ancient China, when a farmer had a dream of a King, his family, relatives and friends laughed him. He told those critics that sparrows and pigeons will understand never the spirit and the ability of the Huang. He was required during his friends not to the King of the entire Kingdom of China, but instead was a regional Lord, to serve him and to follow his orders. Conclude this story makes is that it can never be a Huang, if he's not big dream.

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