My knowledge exchange on Vedanta - Mahāvākyas

Mahavakyas enable to achieve the viewfinder to the non-dual nature of himself and declare an end to the servitude by his knowledge of the Atman and Brahman. The four Mahavakyas can be connected.

There are four Vedas and a statement of each Veda means each Vakya (statement)

Mahavakyas importance Upanishad Veda

1 Prajanam Brahma consciousness is Brahman-Aitreya Upanishad-RG Veda

2 Ahambrahmasmi I am Brahman-Brahadaranyaka Upanishad-Yajur Veda

3 Tat TVAM asi - thus you art Chandogya Upanishad-SAMA Veda

4 Ayamatma Brahma-this itself is Brahman-Mandukya Upanishad-Atharvana Veda

The concept of such as the four Vedas interconnected are is explained by interlaced (interlacing) a beautiful story between students and teacher Vedantic.

The students, a student of Vedantic approaches the teacher and tries, be taught about the ultimate truth. The guru defined the truth - Prajanam Brahma (consciousness is Brahman). This statement is Laksana Vakya, referred to a statement of the definition, because it describes Brahman.

The student gets the brahman as which reference feeling that the Guru is, but he always thought that the brahman was different for him. He thus goes back to the teacher to clarify.

Guru now presents the statement 'Indeed TVAM asi' (, that you are) and explained that the seeker of the sought after is! Since this statement is 'Teachers' Upadesa Vakya statement.

The student gave now knowing intellectually, that "This itself is the non-dual" focused overcomes the faith of the body, mind and intellect to the even are air conditioning and directly experience the brahman on mediation and with detachment & discrimination, - AHAM Brahmasmi (I am Brahman), Anubhava Vakya, a statement of experience.

Once the student recognizes this state of affairs, revel and keep in this knowledge the teacher advises him. This type of compliance ' Ayam ATMA Brahma'-'This itself is Brahman', is 'Anusandhana Vakya', "a declaration of constant practice."

The student this experiential knowledge never loses sight in transactions with the world around him.

This logical sequence provides a road map, listen(sravana), reflect (Mañana), see (Nidhidyasana), experience (Samdhi) and stay to course (Nishtha).

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