That the reality of another

Consciousness is the domain of my existence. Is the domain of my being with other people who surrounded my world and their behavior is the nature of the reality I live in. I am also a part of me a part of the reality of other people like you. And what do we ourselves others is as is their reality for them.

Each is a culture of its own with unique differences compared to the other. You are of my nation in a mass culture. And they are the global culture to a greater extent. But often we are blind to the fact that we makes the reality of another and a part of the global culture. For the reality where we are the type of another sentient life and how the reality natured and behaves, short-sighted.

The only people who are real for us are the people we know. The rest is a gray mass of people that we experience exchange or have no knowledge of her personality. Someone of you in the middle distance on the road on foot is just you feel a part of the lot only sensory connections. It does not matter, which include the busy street. You are not real to you in the same way as people who you know. You are only a part of the representation that you have categorized as the crowd on the street. And if us in large enough cities happens, superior, the people in the global world we are as unreal.

It is us still our business to different people, that are unreal. Or because of differences in others, we make hostile to them by our actions to transform the business to the reality. The reality, as what we is to make ourselves we make also something. In the case of the people, which, if we instead know them and if they were as real as people as our family members are us, we would be unknown to us they were real to us far less discriminatory. And if we do with people, know we argue, the right to vote for their own believe you, if we are rejected, we accept no it so personally, as we, do it when an unknown person makes his or her business to contradict us. These all are a part of it, the reality of another.

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