A medicinal product for chapped hands

It was family medicine in China. The family employees in dye substances in cold water in winter. The family was suffering from chapped hands caused by work in the winter of cold water and wind. They developed a special medicine for the treatment of chapped hands. A traveller heard rumors that medicine for the treatment of chapped hands had this family, so he visited the family and offered to buy the medicine, the rules and instructions. He wanted to prescribe medicine, so that the travelers the family 10,000 yen, the medicine of his recipes and instructions to buy offered.

The family discussed the proposal. Their color they brought business to less than 1,000 yen. The offer was more than 10 times their normal business. So they decided to sell the instructions, prescription and medicine to these travelers. The travellers found the in the northern part of China and shared a local King, he had to handle a special method for the chapped hands for soldiers, to fight in the winter. Knowledge give an that this would advantage their soldiers against their enemies, the local King hired him as an army surgeon. He was soon general surgeon, thanks to the effectiveness of this medicine. His Kingdom to continue to win wars against the enemy, thanks to this medicine. Finally was travellers Premier of this Kingdom.

In contrast to this traveller the family spent all the money from the sale of this medicine and returned to their old business color. She remained in a stain business and never was Empire or high position.

This is a story in the old Chinese philosophy book of Taoism, Zhuangzi is displayed. The medicine, powerful enough, to increase position in a Kingdom at number two the traveller was, as only a medicine for a dye business, an effective instrument in to the original family successfully treated.

The story is somewhat scary to consider. We can in the possession of something as powerful as the medicine, but, in contrast to the traveller, we fully use not its effectiveness. Many of us are more like the original family in this story. We realize the powerful nature of the thing in our possession and not lose its value. I believe that history teaches us the importance of respect take on the true nature of things and analysis of their use. In addition, the importance of thinking outside the box tells us. It is amazing to think that this story was written over 2000 years ago.

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