NYSE Euronext is ticking German deal

NYSE Euronext shareholders voted to delete the proposed merger with Deutsche Börse to $10 billion on Thursday, another hurdle in the world's largest stock exchange for equities and derivatives.
Shareholders, the at least 96% of the shares testing the deal after NYSE EuronextNYX( Fortune 500).
"This approval is an important milestone in our path at the end of this combination, brings us one step closer to create the leading global place for raising capital and global leader in derivatives and risk management," said Euronext Chief Executive Duncan Niederauer.
The shares of the company rose by almost 3%.
Now, the deal must be approved by us and European regulatory authorities.
The merger also depends on the final approval of purchasers, the Deutsche Börse shareholders. By to go to the business, you must follow it at least 75% of Deutsche Börse shareholders.
Under the terms of the agreement, trade would the shareholders of the NYSE Euronext in their shares at a rate of a Euronext stock for 0.47 shares of Deutsche Börse.
The combined company is majority owned by Deutsche Börse shareholders.
The combined Exchange would have a total turnover of $5.4 billion, creating the world's largest exchange by turnover.
The Exchange would be based in New York and Frankfurt.