Do you know how to survive 2012

Itself, such as 2012 survive million questions. Most people have heard that the world will end in 2012. In particular, the exact day of the end of the world are 21 December 2012.

The thing is, no one knows what will happen in 2012. This is only an idea of what can happen, but to destroy any evidence of a comet or planet Earth exists. There are other doomsday prophecies such as an other floods or a huge fire that consumes the Earth. The most conspiracy experts believe however, that if the world ends there as a result of comets and asteroids.

If this happens, here are some information about the 2012 survive. This is not the best 2012 survival guide, but be better than nothing.

Step 1: Get much consumer goods such as water and food. When the world ends, grocery stores is not then go shopping be there for you! Remember that it is to survive, most people of their own will be. All of the food from the shelves will be gone by the end of this day, I promise!

There are some types of food that I specifically want to 2012 call survival guide out in this. This edible for a longer stay and have to keep a lot of nutrients, until a new food source can be found:

• Canned fruit, vegetables, meat or beans
• Dry beans
• Dehydrated fruits, vegetables or meat (jerky)
Also, if you know how you would survive 2012, you can learn how to hunt and farm! Grow your own garden and to chase the ability for meat survival will be in the next few years crucial.

Step 2: Prepare mentally. Your best bet is easy to plan everything. Flood, fire, asteroid what happens, be ready to help others get through this. For example, you must to be prepared, with much death and disease.

Step 3: You must lose not a cool. Most people believe not in the year 2012 for one reason or another. If you believe not in 2012, not you will be ready when the time comes. If the fan is the evil thing, they are to run around screaming and crying, not sure what to do or where you go. It is for you regardless of whether you take them in, but be careful.

One of the greatest things 2012 survival to say in this guide is that you learn how to choose the best people confidence. You can drive yourself crazy if someone not confidence, but at the same time many people off only for # 1 - itself be!

Step 4: you behavior as if the world will end on 12 December 2012. Most people are the knowledge of our society, stuff do this day despite the 2012 doomsday prophecy of Mayan calendar. Although they may know about you, they are easy to joke. We see in fact probably some parties "Apocalypse 2012" Los for people of this prophecy funny!

To know to 2012 means know how you like to survive to "No" to things on this special day say, the word. You should plan at home with your family, and make sure that everyone knows the plan, if disaster strikes. You can never fully plan (what, when aliens attack instead of an asteroid or fire), but a kind of plan in place is much better than nothing.

Again, no one knows what will happen in 2012. But anyone familiar with the prophecy of 2012 and the Mayan calendar 2012 knows that there is a lot of prove that not only a very bad day!

Step 5: plan different scenarios. As just mentioned no one is quite sure what will happen in 2012. Accordingly those who observe the signs of the Apocalypse and plan are you however much rather than those who do not survive.

As you can, have several different ideas for what to do if disaster strikes. For example, you can a plan for a huge flood, one of a huge fire, one for asteroid on the Earth, another for foreigners, have, and so on.
The other plans, you have basically, feeling more confident I you have understood, this 2012 survival guide and fully capable, 2012 will survive.

Step 6: hope the best. People have for thousands of years question "when is the end of the world". Although tons of predictions, have true none of them yet! The main reason people look at the Maya Calendar in 2012 and believe is that the end of the world is because it is a very advanced, scientific culture, one of the observations were lot about how of the world and universe.

The fact of the matter is, no one knows whether this will really happen. The Maya's explanation for why they believe this is pretty vague.

Step 7: Keep 2012 predictions. As we closer, turn the doomsday more people to the authorities for answers. Everyone is that questions whether the world after a end not only forward thinkers as yourself!

Keep in mind that not everything you hear is set to true. You can tell it's silly, a 2012 have survival guide. It is much better to be fun but survive white as 2012.