The nothing approach

I have not done this have in a long time, it is called spontaneous prose; Just write what is, how it developed without view of the dictionary, or research books, or something on your mind, throw the garbage and the spirit of clear and just write. And the first thing that comes to mind is a conversation (not looking for something scientific here). Someone reading something on one of the Internet magazine, me said "they have this concept the something from nothing." I nodded my head, as if to say, "Okay", and I may not make an issue of a statement, so I saw it on stupid, and he finally said: "This is possible?" As if I was Carl Sagan, or will Durant or Stephen Hawking. I they think so mean. But Shakespeare would not agree with them, he would say: "Nothing comes from nothing," something. So I said: "well, Yes and no."

"Yes and no, which is kind of answer that, Sir." He said, disappointed.

"First of all," I said to him: "If you talk to someone, and you are doing him a question, as you are with me, you know who to talk to." I am Christian, so that you know God will be included, and with most philosophers, scientists, or even psychologists, you know, what to get, the opposite you. So would you think I can tell you, but first we start with God. "If you believe not in God, why should you listen to my reply?"

"I am an agnostic," he said.

Well, he filled in this quick. And went on to say, "I have this and that, what I'm talking about, and if I believe in God, as God created it, but how." "If I of no God, think we have one are large universe, which always was, but I believe that is otherwise as the God concept, from where it came."

As I said, he is at least open about this, perhaps I will not waste my time. So I said, was "God something from nothing." And he seemed happy about it, but he wanted more, he gave me in the vicinity of the evil eye pert.

"OK," says he, "Show me his trick?"

I think that was a question, or statement question, not sure, but I said, "I'm going to try (and I looked for a reduction in unnecessary because it was for him, but because I tired easily from talking too much, too long) it should not too complex", we got a starting point in any case better than I have mentioned these three fellows. "And he gave me a laugh."

"Okay," he said "I am listening," as if I am trying to dig in my hat and pull a rabbit.

"Make a circle", I told him, and he did on a napkin of all things. "This is God." I have said. And now he was silent, waiting for the elaborate, complex diagram wanted to make the big difference, but I make no great chart or complex, I made an eighth of the circle and asked: "what now we?"

"One eight," he says.

"Yes and no" said. "We have two circles or number eight." So we have two things. "Maybe we can call these two things, universe, life and one is two, and we make two more districts of the eight, I think that we and so on can go."

"I don't get,", he says to me.

"We have only something out of nothing, or something of God who was one with a twist of his torso, eight or Double? district or hundred eights." He was more than he was, or what he was or is something, which was never created. "

"Is not the kind of fraud," he implies.

"Why" I asked, "God never inferred he created all you see without his perseverance, and that's all it really is." The scientists refer to gravity as the magic formula, not to know what or where gravity came from, but it is a force; "or they will run to Darwin's Bible."

"Is it true endurance, which creates something?"

"Now are we God's language starts... speak" I said.

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