What is the Chinese new year?

Most of us already have new year according to the Gregorian calendar, the date 1 January is celebrated. But there is a huge population in the world, which is done with your celebration not. In fact there are to an upcoming 15-day party full of reunions and some collect this data. It begins on the first day of the new moon and ends in the full moon on the fifteenth day. The Chinese new year is this traditional celebration.

The Chinese new year or the lunar new year is the famous and spectacular under Chinese holiday. It is based on the Moon calendar where time displays phases of the Moon and the solar year. The lunar cycle is typically 29 and half days. But the Chinese, make up time with the solar year, a further month every few years. This is the same as the leap years, the Gregorian calendar. This is also the reason why the actual holiday ends on the last week of January or the first week in February.

Not only this holiday celebrate China with the largest population in the world, by itself. Even its neighboring countries, where the cultures have influenced, celebrate. These are the Korea, Japan, Tibet, the Mongolia, Viet Nam and Bhutan. While countries where most Chinese also the Chinese new year seen. These are the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. But not really this event as a public holiday regard countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada it or confirm it stamps through their China cities and post.

While there is the Chinese new year, reflected a lot of traditions and practices that are also non-Chinese. It shows the lush and colourful decorations symbol for luck and wealth for business and prosperity for houses. Food and cuisine, which especially is added to this good luck and harmony for the occasion. The Festival is also the Dragon, dance and Fireworks, which are not only for the eyes but also for their wealth and happiness. And of course the literal symbol for wealth, are on actual money envelopes of oldest red the young.

As fun as enjoyable to watch and observe the new year, celebrating each spectacular as the fireworks and parties during new year's Eve, it remains red orange and gold instead of another tradition in some parts of the world where you can see everything,, and believes in good driving forces for good luck.

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