The science and the psychology of lying - psychological book review

All people are, in fact you are probably one of the most misleading ways of the entire planet, and with their large brains, people are able, above everything. We know what is the old joke; if we are our politicians, "If their lips move." But did you know not quite half is that your parents, your teachers lie, lies your boss, your spouse lies and everywhere what listen to go, to correct.

Some believe is a moral choice, and it's different from culture to culture, but in most cases you permeates every human endeavor in every culture. If you want to more about the psychology of lying and how to spot a liar, not knowing that it is that hard, then I have a really good research, the how book to recommend you. It has helped me in the business and allowed me, I run to forgive the liars. The book is called;

"Be;" "Moral choice in public and private life," by Sissela Bok, 1978.

The author is research the question; What is the whole truth? And what is the difference between a liar perception and the perspective of the in the fool; These are the two different points of view. There are a few of the very good chapter on this subject, and the author does not explain, there are. It is also extensively on religious is located, and must be for you based on your job or duty. These are all the dilemmas that describes the book.

She speaks also of white lies and the justification of such, together with mutual deception and even the ethics of lies for the liars. How about the enemy give their due and deception in warfare, competition, and so on, in fact, she what it calls the noble lie, together with the lies or compliments that are not earned. I believe very much enjoy the book, and if you are psychologists I recommend it, because to stop you lying itself could help. Please note all of this.

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