Bach, the King and I, with the time in our hands

Johann Sebastian Bach visits the King

Bach, the wife of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the second son of j.s. Bach visit Johann Sebastian Bach to the Court of King Frederik of major Berlin as relatives of Johann Maria Dannemann.

My father-in-law, Johann Sebastian Bach, was just here in Berlin for a visit. It was such a joy for all of us spend time together. He got to meet his two latest grandchildren: Johann August, who is now two years old and our beautiful little daughter Anna Carolina Philippina.

Carl Phillip he was so excited to his father before the Court to bring and introduce him to the musician works with daily. She had a great time together to make music. However, it was the visit to our King Frederik of large, that Carl Philipp's father most enjoyed.

As Carl Phillip in me reference, found his father first with Frederik on the Potsdam Palace with an exercise in joint improvisation. The next day, my father-in-law Holy played an organ recital in the Church in Potsdam. Also, he was invited as the evening Chamber music run at which time he this time improvised a six-Groove on the subject of his own. The next few days were occupied with visit of the new Opera and look in the institutions in Potsdam and Berlin.

The venerable old master, Johann Sebastian Bach's visit was an event that has been described in the newspaper Potsdam the King. Here, and I quote article for you: "on the last Sunday of the famous acting from Leipzig, Lord Bach, came to the Court." When his Majesty was informed that the action had arrived, he gave orders for Bach, be approved. Bach was invited, on the fortepiano, a theme by Bach-looking as a Fugue play are treated. This was done so well, that was not only his Majesty, but all were amazed at present. "Mr Bach found so beautiful that he intends, a regular joint for engraving write the topic."

My father-in-law has now returned to Leipzig, and we are told that he diligently Fugue theme works in a development of the King of Prussia. He began writing down of the fugue which he improvised for the King, but the project has become much larger. He is now his work the musical offering (Muiskalishces victim) call. It will be paid to a work in several movements of Frederick of the great. The royal theme is used as the basis for all movements. It will be the next monumental composition by the revered Johann Sebastian Bach.

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