Tips to get your guy back

Breaking up is never easy. The situation can be a painful and degrading experience that nobody likes to find themselves in. The way you feel right now, the sinking feeling of sadness, being hurt, or even angry are all completely normal reactions to an ending of a relationship. But even in the midst of your grieving, if you still have feelings for this person, there are things you can do to get him back.

Seduction. It works with every man in the known universe. Make him come to you. Rushing to him and begging for his love will only push him further away. Your mission is to draw him back with your charm and kindness. Men love a challenge and once they realize that they don;'t have you like they thought they did, they will stop at nothing to get YOU back. You have just turned the tables on this break up to your advantage.
Make sure you focus on yourself. Keeping in good shape and well put together will pay dividends to making your ex-boyfriend want you back. How do you think it will make him feel seeing you all dolled up and happy? He'll regret the day he broke up with you and come crawling back.
This is not an overnight remedy, however. It requires time and a lot of patience. Throughout this process, don't lose your self-confidence whether these tips are working or not. These are basic tips but if used correctly, they can get you that much closer to getting him back.