Gay Hypnosis Proves To Be The Only Way To Feminize

Feminizing yourself or your man has never been easier. Not long ago I started using gay hypnosis to better bring-out my feminine nature and have never felt more liberated. The last time I felt this free was when I 'came out of the closet'. I am writing this article to let everyone in the gay community know you don't have to be stuck in a masculine body but more of a feminine body.

You may have noticed that some gay men act and move so fluid and graceful its seems like they were born with these mannerisms. On the hand some of us move as if there is no trace of femininity in our body at all. These differences are mainly due hormone balance between estrogen and testosterone and 'imprinting'. Imprinting occurs throughout our formative years as we subconsciously pick-up the movements of our parents. If we are predominately raised by a female it will be natural for us to move like a woman. And likewise if raised by a male. It is this 'imprinting' that can be reprogrammed through hypnosis.
Hypnosis has proven to be an effective method of ridding oneself of unwanted behaviors and creating desired behaviors. It has been used world-wide for decades in curing conditions from biting nails, smoking to obesity. In the area of gay hypnosis, the hypnosis scripts are written to do both knowing that the individual wants to transform a perceived bad behavior to a different behavior.
As our culture becomes more accepting of this alternative lifestyle the desire for male feminization will continue to gain popularity. And because there is not a more successful method of feminizing, gay hypnosis will be the only way to achieve permanent feminization.