Immortality - The Evolution of Human Beings Into Divine Human Beings

There are two types of "evolution" occurring in our species. The first is Darwin's "competitive" evolution that is based on the adage of "survival of the fittest". The second is a Spiritual evolution that entails human beings reclaiming their rightful place in the Universe as the Divine Beings that they (we) are.
Darwin's process is clearly based on a fundamental force called "the fear of not surviving" or death where as the Spiritual Evolution is based on an entirely different and contrary energy which is that of "Life". In other words these two processes are not only driven by contrary forces they are also headed in contrary directions!
It has been proposed that Darwin's process is a normal and positive process for our species. After all, many would say, "hasn't it been this process that has moved us into the technological age with all our wonderful gadgets?". Some would even say that this process is leading us to develop robotic technologies that we will be able to use as the new vehicle for our "souls" to extend our life spans and hence achieve an immortal existence (see "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurzweil). All we have to do is to give up our organic bodies and transfer our consciousness into these shiny robotic shells.

How does this feel to you? Well if you still have a Heart to feel with I think you'll immediately be repulsed by such a prospect.
Well what about the so called "Spiritual Evolution"? Well there is a bit of a twist to this, as far as I am concerned. You see by this I do not refer to what many "spiritualists" or "new age gurus" refer to. In fact I am referring to an entirely different concept. Let me explain.
In this reality we experience daily stresses. Each of these stresses gets recorded as negative memories in our minds/bodies and remain there to form what we call the recorded history of our individual lives.
As you reflect on any part of this life history "video" stored within your mind/body you'll feel your Life Energy being depleted. That is equivalent to you dying!
How does that feel to you? I can guess that you are not pleased with this picture.
You see it is this "recording" process along with the belief that you "cannot change the past" i.e. "you cannot erase the tape" that keeps you on the trajectory of death. This is associated with and generates a sense of fear, sadness, frustration, stuckness, anger, and all of the competitive behaviors that feed into the Darwinian concept of evolution.
What if there was a process (and there is, it's called the Mind Resonance Process®) by which one could erase the "life history videotape" there by reclaiming one's life force energy back into their body? What would this feel like?
Well you already know the answer to that question because that is what all human beings inherently desire within their Hearts.
If you're not tuned into the feeling let me elaborate on it. It makes one feel whole, confident, complete, calm, peaceful, energized, relaxed, resilient, uplifted, loving, happy, joyful, lighter, clear, brighter, radiant, present, grounded, fulfilled, and most importantly "alive"!
How does this prospect feel to you? Good I'm sure! After all isn't this what all of you have been striving for all the while you have inhabited your organic physical bodies? Isn't this what you might define as "success"?
I have been helping individuals achieve exactly this state of "divine" presence. It is not only desirable but it is what it means to be truly human. Having one's Life Energy fully within one's body is our normal divine state. Our so-called reality wrestles it away from us causing us to succumb to fear and death and hence to Darwin's distorted definition of evolution.
True evolution is the process whereby all human beings make a choice to reclaim, once and for all, their rightful claims to their Life Energy rather than have it squandered into destructive and self destructive competitive behaviors which are heading the human species on the road to enslavement within robotic bodies.