Can Interfaith Marriages Really Work?

Does religion really matters when it comes to marriage? Can it make two souls become one as well? Does it work for a Catholic and an Islam? Most of the time, religion is one of the reasons why some relationship don't work.
Let's talk about Annie and John's love story. Annie's parents are devout catholic and John's are a devout Islam. Both have strong convictions on what they believe in and no one wanted to give up on their faith. Yet for two souls with different faith and beliefs to be married as one is something to really work hard for to make it work.

How can faith make a big difference in any relationship? Can it make them one or tear them apart? Let us see how difference in faith make two souls live in harmony.
Respect in one's opinion and faith make the two souls understand each other more than anything else. They were able to accept the fact that despite of religion differences, they still believe in one Infinite Force that guides us all. We are only calling Him in different names yet His teachings are still the same, that we should do good things. Annie and John understand it fully. Thus, it was easier for them to embrace the fact that as long as they understand the language of love and life, things will be perfectly fine. And I think they are right.
Faithfulness to each other always works big time for any relationship. We all know for Islam, that they can marry as many as they like as long as they can manage to sustain and support their wives. But John made it sure that he is not into this practice. He sticks to being married and in love to her wife. They were married in both churches yet he faithfully believed to his wife's marriage vow to love one another until the end of time.
Keep your vow no matter what happens to your marriage life. Life is not always a bed of roses. There are blows that may strike, be it high or low. What makes these couple different from others is the fact that they love each other and they continuously cultivate the love that they sowed years ago. They don't want to let go of it no matter if the tide is low. There is no turning back for this couple. They always find pleasure and happiness in small things that come their way. I guess it boils down to one fact, love is all they have.
Annie and John can be your neighbor or people we meet every single day of our lives. They are normal individuals who believed that love is one great force that we all need to keep and make any relationship work. There is no secret formula on keeping marriages work. All you need is love in your hearts.