Terrorism, would arise because of differences?

peace of a region or country is often disrupted by terrorist acts carried out by some persons or groups who are not responsible. chaotic situation created by the terrorists is often a systemic effect in many areas, the main thing is the economy. but if we want to look further, what exactly is the reason of the terrorists?
the problem of terrorism is often associated with fanaticism of certain groups of ideology that they profess, but whether this is true? it is often the case lately, acts of terrorism is always linked with the problem of difference, namely religion, but the fact of what happened, we can assess that terrorist acts have more to do with the interests of certain groups, will be a thing, and they use religion to be as a justification of their actions.
therefore,let us not be sheep pitted with these acts of terrorism. We should be able to assess and find out what exactly their motives, so that we are not mistaken mananggapi steps in this matter.