Same-sex marriage

a norm usually prohibit the illicit relationship between two gay men, in this case can a man with men, or women with women. It's no secret that things like this is morally opposed, and religion. Then the question arises, whether this is fair for those who experience it?
If we look at from the standpoint of the norm, it's things like this is not feasible to be done, even to be a highly forbidden, because it is considered to have violated nature.But if we look at from the standpoint of the right to vote, which included human rights, this is not something that deserves to be banned, because this is part of the right itself. So how do we have to respond to incidents like this?
For sure we should never just judge from one side only, we must be able to view a problem from many different angles, to be able to understand the issue more objectively. As a moral human being, of course we can put ourselves to respond to problems like this, if we're talking in the context of norms and religion, we agree that this kind of thing is forbidden, but when we talked in the context of human rights and also the differences, let us be able to to appreciate it, because that's the meaning of differences itself.