Islamic Defenders Front anarchist action

Depok (ANTARA News) - Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Depok, west Java, disperse forcibly drag queen contest that was held at the Hotel Bumiwiyata in town, Friday.
FPI chairman Habib Idrus Al Depok Depok Gadri in saying that the Depok city with religious and predominantly Muslim. So the event was not worth it here.
In addition, he argues, is illegal drag queen contest because it has no permit from the local community leaders, Depok Municipal Government, and the police.
Dozens of FPI members went to a place with a drag queen contest riding a motorcycle around 10:30 pm, complete with his trademark attributes. They immediately went in and forcibly disperse until the drag queen show trickle out.
FPI threatened if the show still be held Islamic organizations that will bring the masses in larger quantities.
Indonesian Ladyboys Forum Communications Chairman (FKWI) Indonesian territory of West, Merlyn Sofjan, denied the existence of transvestites contest.
"` We are gathered here to conduct training, debriefing of law and human rights, not a contest-kontesan, "said Merlyn.
Even if later there is a contest with dressing area, it was just a series of course not the main event.
"They will present their contest with training that has been obtained before," he said.
According to him, the show is one of the Commission's efforts to provide knowledge of marginalized groups.
Dissolution, according to him, instead of human rights violations. "They should think positively about our activities," he said.
Regarding the absence of permission from community leaders, police, and municipal government Depok, he said that the event of the National Human Rights Commission, so everything has been administered by the National Human Rights Commission.
According to Merlyn, there is no physical violence in the dissolution of the session by the FPI, but a lot of broken glasses.
Law and human rights training event held over three days from 29 April to May 1, 2010.
Merlyn insisted the event would continue as scheduled. "We will continue the event until the finish," he said.