Christians and Muslims continue Wahid's message

More than 200 Protestants, Catholics and Muslims are committed to continue fighting for the pluralist message of former president Abdurrahman Wahid.
Damien Dematra, author of "A Million Hearts for Gus Dur" said at the meeting of 12 April and then "Gus Dur wants from us is to continue fight for pluralism."

Speaking before the participants, including 40 Catholics, Damien recognize Gus Dur has transformed himself into a pluralist.
Jalaludin Rahmat Muslim intellectual, Father Franz Magnis-Suseno, SJ and Father Antonius Benny Susetyo also gave their testimony at a meeting hosted by the young Christian.
According to Grace, Gus Dur is 'a Sufi intelligent, strong opinionated but humorous.'

Father Magnis-Suseno admitted that Gus Dur is a pluralist, 100 percent of the people of Indonesia and 100 percent of NU. She is grateful God sent people like him extraordinary.
Pastor Benny said that Gus Dur is devout, and consistent in fighting for human rights and the oppressed.