Innate nature and the A priori awareness of history

The inborn nature has knowledge. We are literally neurologically a part of the culture, the we in are born by the design of the congenital neurological design. This design is caused by the creation of sub-modular brain areas of relativity with the knowledge included in the cultural databases and the trends in the memes that occupy the mass mind. The heads are also shaped and by adapting to the psychological nuances of culture, including the language, the heads exposed to learn.

The created history generated always a priori awareness for future generations. The nature of our history, movements, the nature of mankind, in the age and the kingdoms, rulers, and so on are sources for what awareness generated.

And there is a big difference between the known history and the history as it was experienced. Although the Veterans of World War II still life, my generation has only knowledge of the war. I've seen videos of him. I have read it. I have listened to the experiences of veterans. But I know of that war is a priori not a posteriori. This is a significant difference. My post-innate nature not by the war have been designed. My neurological design was not affected by the atrocities in this mysterious and darkest era in the history of mankind. The war is only a part of my representational consciousness. Similar to like most of the reality as I it through from the very beginning is known.

For me the second world war is only a page in the history, and feels as if in the distant past. However, the generations who have fought this war as I am so alive. And that is why it is not far. The timeline of us have an eternity and forever speaks of how short are our own lives. In the timeline of infinity in an atom is one hundred generations, but a Flash of light the infinite cosmos. So, the influences of history in neurophysiological level of adapt to the nuances of culture, as well as the creation of awareness from the days of the Christian Inquisition still within the mass mind flagellation are from the outset. And in eternity, the events that took place two thousand years ago are far closer than what makes a priori consciousness believe us.

Our actions and the history, you create have far greater impact than what we first think on his own. And in the timeline, we are dealing in the cosmos, we should take further steps to the global ethical development and universal humanity.

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