How to Be a Happy Gay Couple

Love knows no boundaries and the same facility applies to homosexual, gay and lesbian relationships as heterosexual relationships. Love, honesty, desire, respect and individuality are the same no matter the context or the application. We are all spiritual people who respond to that which touches our souls, true love as God designed it.

There are only two major types of spirit, a) masculine, and b) feminine and the range across the gamut of civilisation embraces either one or all parts of both. To believe differently is to be in possession of a distrust of the human factor as written.
Both men and women range from extreme masculine to extreme feminine and all points in-between. Success then in any combination is to build on individual strengths without bias to criticism. No one is perfect and everyone without exception has to allow for differences, faults and benefits alike. Harmony is enhanced when there is a balance between both masculine and feminine available to be drawn upon, as situations require.
In human form, we expect, because of primitive beliefs that, men and women are the primary and only situation by which love shall be embraced, and this is incorrect thinking. Love in its raw extreme has to find a home because the spirit draws it. As each human form has a spirit then love by default enters all doors and makes no differentiation towards any entity.
Four primary ways to enhance the loving relationship experienced by gays is to commence with truth and work outwards from there. Iniquity is contrary to truth thus fidelity has to be a common a denominator in all relationship. When trust is present, we relax and allow the spiritual elements of our souls to embrace which transcends the human form elevating to the highest attainment of love there is available.
Spirituality cannot be toyed with; it cannot be drawn and withdrawn, if a couple desire continuity and permanence then it is the primary approach. Forget about your human appearance because where love is concerned the exterior is immaterial and the spirit is drawn to what attracts it from another spirit. When we acknowledge the truth of spirituality then we transcend limitations and move according to God's plan, unconditional love for all human beings.
Commitment level adds to freedom and peace alleviating undue stressors beyond the everyday tumults of life within societal framework. As both in the relationship validates their commitment level promising to give their utmost to the longevity of their love then unnecessary grudges, unpleasantness or even avoidance shall be replaced by harmony.
Desire is one element we may refrain from allowing to become obsolete because as we enrich each others spirit through spiritual connection we shall reinforce the commitment that brought us together in the first place. Desire is the dessert, it is also the faith, the energy that transports us through each day and is equal in benefits when encouragement backs it up.
Growth is never to be excused in any loving relationship because without the presence of growth all the former connectors of trust, commitment and desire shall rust away in apathy. All humans without exception, but especially those of us in loving relationships, desire appreciation through encouragement to attain all the possible capabilities our souls are searching for in order to be fulfilled.
Our individuality is the primary attractor factor in any relationship thus when enhanced with the aforementioned contributions the relationship is richer, more stable and possesses the exact framework for the loving family to nurture.