Why You Should Love Skeptical and Negative People

A skeptic is an individual who does not see the good or the possibilities of good in anything. The skeptic is most generally negative by nature and lives a very boring and mundane life, their attitude is the reason they live the pathetic life that they do. They are the cancer to the optimist.
An optimist is open minded and most generally sees something good in everything. They see the glass half full not half empty. If you were to visit a well seasoned skeptics home, you would find a whole slew of them living under the same roof. Why, because the negativity of a good skeptic spreads like wild fire. Now, why is it so important to you; the optimist, to get to know as many negative and skeptical people as humanly possible, the answer; MOTIVATION.

That is right, getting to know as many skeptics as you can, should be nothing but pure motivation for you. These skeptical, negative people should inspire you that much more to be positive and motivated to succeed, by knowing these skeptical people and how they live will push you that much harder to be successful in your endeavors.
Many times in your life, you found that when you started a new project, or thought of a great idea, there was a skeptic to burn it down to the ground, with their favorite saying, "That will not work" most people who are not armed with the right weapons, would reply with, "Yes, your most likely right, it will not work."
On your journey to the land of success and positivity, it so important to arm yourself with the tools and weapons you will need to defend yourself when battling a skeptic, otherwise you will not reach your destination safely. There are no weapons better in dealing with your enemy the "skeptic" than to get to know as many of them as you can, the more you know, the stronger you become. As you will learn how they operate. Remember, more battles are won by knowing the enemy better than they know themselves.
The more you see how a skeptic lives their life, and how depressed and negative they are and the tactics they use to shoot people down to their way of life, will give you the pure inspiration and make you immune to their methods of dream stealing. With this knowledge you will be the success you are destine to be. I like to call it success by failure. They should be one of your greatest inspirations. Skeptics are the masters of self inflicted wounds.