Nothing impossible in the world!

Adversities always add fuel to fire success. Sometimes unwarranted adversities will force us to distance ourselves from goals. In such times, we know that success is impossible. In this time of dilemma, people behave in two ways. When you feel that it is highly impossible to achieve anything, intelligent will divert their goals. One should not put futile efforts though we know that we cannot do it. It is true that perseverance is most important to achieve goals. At the same time, one has to have self awareness. You should not be adamant when you hit the road block.

Chanakya in his 'Kautilya Shastra' refers to the same thing and says that if you cannot achieve success in one way, it is not bad to change your gears and try in another way. This is not a crime, but manipulation. If you waste your time on impossible things knowingly that they are not possible, you can achieve a lot more if you utilize the same time sensibly. Generally, the following may be the reasons for success impossible.
i. At the time of setting the goal, not taking the impossibility into consideration
ii. Not having awareness about the ways and means of reaching the goal
iii. Not having a strong resolve to realize the goal
iv. Family, circumstances and other environmental influences
All these hurdles are in your control to overcome. When setting the goal itself is wrong, you have to reset your goal which suits your abilities. Never hesitate to reset your goals which will allow you to move ahead without many problems. If you lose in one aspect, you should not feel that you are good for nothing. Reset your goals and move ahead with more confidence to achieve success.