What is a mandala? Work of art or religious device?

What is a mandala?

That is the question that this article is asking, and hopefully answer. If you have heard of the term mandala, then I expect with Buddhism, Eastern religion or new age link. It is true the origins of the mandala "spiritual" and philosophical practices as they are closely connected.

What is a mandala?

It is very simply a complex image or art work, which usually is circular and has strong elements of symmetry and balance within it.

In the religion

Actually meditative processes are the creation of Mandalas in Buddhism, it is the creation of the work, is not the final image of the most importance. Its foundation can slow and detailed, with many hours of close concentration. It is this focus the mind on a balanced and harmonious image, which is the key to the use of Mandalas in religions.

In the modern art

Mandala worldly conditions are often colorful and beautiful works of art. Even the amazing Cathedral rose window in all of Europe can be seen a form of the mandala as. In more recent times, artists have been inspired as Damien Hurst by the mandala in some of his abstract work. Once used butterflies in circular shape that very mandala seeing stuck down.

Why not on your own mandala art painting go, there are many simple black and white outlines of Mandala on the Web, you can simply download it and then color itself. Go on, try it!.

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