We are all put on the huge and stormy sea of the Gibber a sail in a small boat!

We are all put on the huge and stormy sea of the Gibber a sail in a small boat! As every day goes with digging, we are forced, sinus of cavernous sinus waves, the pylons that support the basics of our lives on the falling sands by the sea Gibber.

As time search passes and we at all, which is around us, that it turns out that everything they are told is based on opinion. No matter how good and respected that opinion can be, it is still just opinion and therefore worthless. Opinion is worthless, because it is based on mood and feeling not facts. The difference between opinion and advice is that advice based on facts and you offers something, to work with, while opinion is based on nothing.

If you read the newspapers and study the research, which is done by the scholars of our time with you that this is an agenda in mind, an agenda which person or group forward March of people involved with nothing in the way is set. We have here are people who collect facts and use their views to promote it.

If you stop and reflect all the things you have said since the earliest that you can remember you will come to realize that as well intentioned as the people who could have have information it was all based on what they wanted to listen, because it these people, that the possibility, which was to say and what not to say. Most of the time, the people see not this at all, they rather think that they do what is "Right" and so the Gibber perpetuate. Denominations, all laws and ethics of civilizations past and present are fixed on the opinion without facts or substance of any kind on their positions show grounded.

Gibber takes on a life of its own because what they say the spirit, used to think hoax, people correctly and is good. People are not only those fool to preach it are based on a fact, it as a fool for not what they think the more it all based on what previously has said and so on.

As time progress, the sea Gibber larger and larger, increasing its coast and devouring grows all that, will have a sail on their see us all because at the end of Gibber determine.

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