A three-dimensional perception and the sight of God knowing

We received various types of information from different senses. Taste creates a representation of x taste how touch feels like its surface and the perception of what it looks like. Despite the common belief, perception is two-dimensional, where the sense of touch may be three-dimensional. So, why is perception two-dimensional and how it would be, through the eyes of an all-knowing God?

We can never exist in other than a place at the same time. If we could, we should be able to experience in parts in real time without a duality in the "I". The body is separated from each other, or as part of the existence of a "I" instruments for several different physiological existence but. The spirit would be thoughts and experiences from different bodies. She would as part of a whole, while registered from various places.

If the life lived were similar to this form of existence, then, such a person could drive such as the two cars in opposite directions. He or she, or even, he and she, the sensory data from two different directions, you will experience with the ability to have three-dimensional perception. But why only? I am not three-dimensional objects all around me to see? Our perception of the retina is fired a direct source from where the photon from and received. Although we see shades and an object is round and curved shape forms a three-dimensional ball, our perception is two-dimensional. Only the intervals in which the photons emitted by vary. If you could register only one photon at a time from the environment, would be the different geometric distances that could measure any three-dimensional perception between the surface of a sphere and your retina. But with two opposite directions get of at the same time two distinctive body and light, this kind of "I" could see three-dimensional images in real time.

And what a remarkable existence of such if an existence, several sensory experiences above the Earth at the same time would be received. And what would it confusing experience to see through the eyes of an all-knowing God, and how exhilarating it would be, the experience of all existing life forms in different periods within an instant constantly experience. But what kind of capacity would require this would each known configuration of the minds.

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