This is the kind of animals and demons of life

Life is hard at times, and just at other times, in that order. Sure we win so far, we sell from the fears of the animals and demons that life throws us think some. We make it we actually and I can tell you, such as. If we bloat things even worse, that is one way we are the animal, the animal or demons in demons make irritating. If we eliminate fear at all levels and claim our genuine power, which seemingly is hard and terrifying, until it is finished. After that is done, the next level is carried out and the next collection of beasts and demons get easier and easier until we won and to control the game.

So, I call an analogy: as soon as I is a video game of PAC-man on the 12th June, nineteen eighty played three, and this game was memorable, because I it where almost as quickly were the spirits reflexes on the last level of the game as mine, and the pretzel was value hundred thousand points. Life can just like the game of PAC-man at a certain level, a little more complex and more complicated, but you go the same way and way from level to level, until you don't finish the game, play the entire master but will take these skills and more to do with them. I don't know how you manage other animals, demons, and walks of life master centipede and asteroid, also. I also dominated centipede and asteroids, but thats not the point of this analogy. Is this analogy, that the life a game type of illusion, which is easily dealt with and won about if you really look at it logically, honestly said, lens and to act realistically and with it the same way. The demons and animals can small and even be nothing and you can honestly say "you send me another round, I'm a winner!"

Sure, what I say about this seems a little extreme, but it is the most pure reality I can or will give you. Despair makes things seem extreme, but if you come to yourself and your makes that you or someone among them I realize that everything is easy to win no matter what takes it, rationally. Even win baseball, basketball or any sport is the same way. So is it with life and the existence itself. Thank you for the read.

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