Successfully with gratitude - one hour to live, an hour to love, by Richard and Kristine Carlson

You may know or even his, have not the name of Richard Carlson, but millions of people all over the world "Don Don't sweat the small stuff," read books. Dr. Carlson was as one of the leading experts on luck around the globe. As the author of thirty popular books, he used humor and everyday life, to show millions of people, such as the small things in life does not get the best of them. With more than 26 million books in print published in 35 languages in over 130 countries, Richard Carlson was a worldwide phenomenon. He spoke to enthusiastic audiences around the world and was a popular TV and radio personality. He played in his own PBS special, aired by the millions, and was the host of a series called, "Don't sweat the future." What Dr. Carlson through his work so beautifully illustrated is the simple fact that life is not that difficult, do it as we. If we concern and self-imposed crisis are not distracted, the true purpose of life is right in front of the US: live in the present.

Even at the height of his fame, Dr. Carlson chose authentic, life many opportunities for fame and fortune decline. He remained dedicated and deeply understood that everyday life is where we find our most important gifts to normality. In the year 2003 Kristine presented on their 18th wedding anniversary, Richard his wife, with a short manuscript called, "One hour of life." In it, it think it that the end of his life was imminent. He was originally from author Stephen Levine asked questions: who would you call? What would you say? and why are you waiting for? The little book of Carlson's unexpected death indicated weird, three years later of a pulmonary embolism.

After his death, Kristine published book, adding own answers to these questions. Entitled "an hour to live, an hour to love," Kristine asks the audience to discover their own answers. As John Izzo book "the five secrets you before you the need to discover," this book suggests that we really Liveright now and have no remorse.

In a recent blog, Kristine Carlson share a very deep and simple idea: presence is a powerful thing. A fully-present live, is one of the principles of positive psychology based in gratitude. Be somehow grateful to decide, if the worst of all things will happen to us. Still be present for others and live in fear. Move further forward. These are the efforts that Richard and Kristine Carlson want us right make this second.

"All the pain in life comes from, which are different from them." So, however, peace and happiness must come from accept life as it is, and break through the boundaries of the illusion, to do this... All the things we good or bad often hold label in them surprises, if we remain open. "Each of us has a choice in how we events in the life of interpret and in this way we are each responsible for our own reality."-Kristine Carlson

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