The smart scientists

"Ninety percent of the world for ten thousand years was from her rocker," the smart says scientists. "It really, really, no God!" We were deceived have, they say. Somewhere have along the life long-lines, we like a fish, brought this fairytale story believe linked; Perhaps someone, somewhere, had an illusion I white not, perhaps, the Neanderthals, and everyone fell for it, you know, kind of fell into the black hole, created from nothing, or perhaps by gravity not find out how gravity still works, or how the scientists, but gravity has been created yet: everyone but you smart guys got angesogen.

Now that there is no God, it must be all devil. And as no devil, there is no such thing as sin, now we have what is called: right and wrong in question, it is now a personal thing: values are used according to which each and every human being has: you know what I mean, what a person values is its value (it is, where he puts his heart and soul, his money and efforts and loyalty, and...)(Get image)-richtig or wrong plays no role (it does not matter), it is similar to a feeling-it's just, it is just that, not more. So it should no guilt, taking over from his life, limb or liberty, he has to answer to no one: no God, no devil, and man, well, they all have their own values mine is only as good as the next person. Thus, his wife, child or friend, is inconsistent, the stronger person, perhaps the more rights it has - this is its value. Who is to say God is not around even the devil, perhaps we should look back for the answer of the scientist? He has probably to to have all the answers-my guess would be he would bring the golden rule, but perhaps rules for those, be made the value on it (for example: Russia and China that America does same rules do not value, as well as North Korea do not value has the same rules of South Korea).

Couldn't be what the scientists is values, what we value, are, that's what it is in any case:, which makes him but God, and keep in mind, that is unacceptable, he got rid of only by him. This can get confusing, society acts took fear, and now you God and Devil removed should fear we the scientists or the anarchy. These are they who we can see that as the scientist would say. His God and Devil, the invisible ones, could now be a better choice? Perhaps the scientists, better think twice to take slightly irritated and again be nothing; You see, if you make something from someone, you have to give him something better, so that you depend on. It is sad but true, not together with scientists, that a God above them and yet, much of what they have discovered, is based on theory, or the invisible.

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