She don't know crazy,

Mental illness - it is my request turn, one of someone they love affected is, which has recently was diagnosed with bipolar disorder or was this book should be read. It is from the inside view of people with the diagnosis when compared to the other, the behavioral health try with someone disease, person. There is nothing, what fun about it and if it is not already caught as a troubled child, person or problem person will be incorrect.

Wambui Bahati basically goes through their lives and put it on their sleeve for us like it from the beginning of her childhood and what she went through begins to grow up. She went through several movements in their lives and dealt with racial issues during the timeframe when there was high on everyone's mind.

Studies, attended New York University and even at that time was the use of sexually. What people do not understand people with bipolar is diagnosed, are easy targets for drugs, alcohol, sexual and physical abuse. Usually they fall easy also in and out of depression and they tried a hard time to find out who they are or ever even the debt and not sure is why they can make happy someone.

It takes a strong person with someone diagnosed compared to live bipolar and Vice. Is many hospitalizations to medication and therapy that find the right mix and the patient continues to it they take or find something that works, then allow to obtain from the rocky road that they are on the road. People with bipolar have highs and deep, and some refer to them as the peaks and valleys. If they a deep or a valley it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It takes work, patience and attention.

When you see you read after her second marriage, she is finally able to a family, and is able to find some hope and comfort. After that is been diagnosed for so long at the age of 40, finally is the correct diagnosis and they could with the natural remedies against the harder drugs work and adapt. This in itself is a major challenge. "You don't know crazy" is in her mind fight over a woman. In this case, it takes back control. It is one of the lucky; She had the support of the professionals, their family and their friends. To get an inner mental illness read view and this book, which gets it any plainer than this.

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