The philosophy of nothing - a good coffee shop conversation

Greetings to all, I am a former franchisor, management consultant, philanthropist and I run a think tank, as well as much travel...

Have you ever considered the possibility and the power of a concept? How about the concept of nothing, is the concept that the it is a place somewhere, which is is unknown, and can be never known, were not actually present. And in this place nothing, where it where ever this concept & available, could be, it would be something at this point in time and space.

Start to see the philosophical puzzles in this? Finally somewhere, some unknown location would have to be nothing, and were always this place may be, it is. And if it is, that is, if it was nothing, then there is, and therefore there is nothing to say. But how can nothing exist if we see everything that we see. Is this only a basic circular argument of a bad language or concept?

No, I don't think it is. In fact, if you read the book "our undiscovered universe introduction all physics the science uniform and unconditional reality" by Terence Witt. The author, a physicist takes us through all the mathematical equations that proves that nothing or null, is available, it is everywhere and that nothing something, therefore everything and nothing is always exist because they have.

1. Nothing is nowhere as something is, and always, it is
2. After all, nothing must be
3. If nothing would be possible, it would be then something finally
4. If nothing is nowhere, it must be everywhere, where else could it be?

Now, your mind, and you have a friend who would like to do the same then may I suggest you to Starbucks go and order an extra large latte with additional recordings, and think the four instructions above. I think what you will find all four statements are true, and you can not your way from which it is reason. And Yes, it could be a philosophical puzzle, but it seems being also the reality of the world in which we live as proven as mathematically from view of physics.

If you always in the concept, to capture from a conceptual point of view is nothing believed a difficult concept, in the first place; That is the Oxford dictionary definition. Also in the Oxford Dictionary has a hard time even grab a corresponding definition. In fact, I would you please look at all this and think about it, and if you would like to have comments, questions or concerns I you send me an E-mail. Bring your mind and your philosophy hat and let's talk.

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