Pay attention to the hypnotic cheats

Like to entertain people how to dance "Chippendales" or sing as Madonna of fantastic hypnotists who their subjects. We watch as people bark like dogs and crawl like babies. The funny things that people on the stage under hypnosis seem never disappointed to leave the audience. The shows are fun.

Was good until I went to a seminar where it not only funny more.

After the participants in particular "prosperity" seminar several times had been put under hypnosis in previous seminars of this hypnotist, I was experienced as he the audience and a hundred - dollar bill ($100.00 sold) and made $50,000.00!

Yes, my zeros are correct... Fifty thousand dollars for a hundred - dollar bill.

Who would do something so ridiculous? Who would pay $50,000.00 for a hundred - dollar bill?

Could it be just maybe… someone, "hypnotized" and the right hypnotic phrases was fed?


"We are now playing a game, and this is how the game goes." The hypnotist began.

"I'll offer this hundred - dollar bill to the highest bidder." But this is the hook. "The two highest bidders pay must, but the hundred - dollar bill gets only the highest bidder."

What say? Who would go something so ridiculous? Do you say if I I have to pay the second highest bidder, and get absolutely nothing?

Oh yes! This is how the game goes!


I remember me scream out something like "$ 10.00!" Then I heard "$ 500.00!"

Called the voice in my head: people! Hello! It is a hundred - dollar bill! What are you doing?

I back then only SA and saw the scene unfold.

The bidding went higher and higher. The auctioneer/hypnotist had actually the call stop, because it got too far out of hand.

All I can tell you is that the auctioneer/hypnotist $50,000.00 from which his hundred - dollar bill..., is that, where he stopped the invitation to tender. (Oh!) By the way... The auctioneer/hypnotist was nice enough to both high bidder to give a $100.00, after he demanded they pay!)


I know you say, "No, Karen!" "He has more than $50.000,00... remember me had to pay to the highest two people!"

I know. I'm pretty good at mathematics. I said, that he made only $50,000.00, because I suspect that just maybe, the highest bidder was a plant. Only maybe... I can not sure when. I asked "Why the top two (2) has pay highest bidder in the game?" only me again and again,


To understand how this hypnotist to draw from this fraud could, I would suggest, read, book Robert B. Cialdini, influence: the psychology of conviction.

The goal is as I have the effectiveness of the imposter toxic poison, dilute, brilliant people in auction environments can get suckered one of the things which explains Robert Cialdini.

Cialdini tells the true story of also a top as network Executive got sucker punched in an auction for the movie "the Poseidon Adventure," and after the catch be breath this top managers made the statement that never again a network auction situation would go down.

Now, you have to test your computing skills.

Add this together for me:

An auction environment, the right for a fraud


An audience full of people who are hypnotized by the auctioneer/hypnotist...

What do you get?


I can say is, that the auctioneer/hypnotist, at least $50,000.00 for his hundred - dollar bill!

Influence: The psychology of belief is definitely a book that does not want to read scammers and fraudsters. This book is on every case you make about it!

Self empowerment is to never getting scammed the key again!
YOUR life can be really so beautiful and so kind like you to create it! Self empowerment is the key!

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