Parenting with the Enneagram

Two Enneagram books

In this article I examine books by Elizabeth Wagele, the Enneagram of personality who wrote parenting and the book it, understand better for children to help them two Enneagram, find the birthday cake.

Both books have helped me and my son tremendously! Both books provide helpful quiz for parents, to see what Enneagram use them style their children evaluate.

And the author in both, warns that the parents who may not be the Enneagram style, are set in stone, older until they. While they are still young, is the best, what to look at their behavior and their tendency.

You used to illustrate a lot of cartoons in both books, each type and a picture of how everyone is not only makes any seem cute and adorable, but makes clear the differences between them.

"Elizabeth Wagele is a writer, cartoonist and musician, lives in Berkeley, CA, with her husband, Gus, where they raised four children and enjoy their grandchildren visited." HarperCollins published the Enneagram made easy, now used around the world in 1994. "She followed, the introverted, a children's book and a CD on Beethoven, where describes his personality with books on relationships, parenting, and plays excerpts from his piano sonatas."-by Elizabeth Wagele website

The Enneagram of personality of education

What I found useful about this book is the way translated every type in child language and behavior. It has really explain a good job, as each personality type would be in school, in the game, during the meals, at bedtime, express, and they described how she would react to stress. It also explains what they need from us as parents, and suggestions are to how you your child where he is depending on its kind meeting,.

Search for the birthday cake

Even though I read that book, it is actually written as a story book for children, to teach the Enneagram to them in a way, that makes it easy for them to understand. My son has read it several times and feels quite clear that he and I are both fours (we are), and is also clearly of the others in our family.

In fact, he understands it so well that he enjoys rates of people outside the family and can a case for the type that the he thinks that they are based on what he has observed in her behavior.

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