"Her moment which makes" by Timothy Whiston

"Her moment which makes" is an excellent e book about the power in the present moment to live. This is a familiar concept for most of us who read this review. However, it is a good bet that many of us have problems with this practice or use it only inconsistently. After reading "Your moment which makes", I think that this book your dedication helps to experience now to step up.

A great things about this book is the writing style. Tim writes in a very conversational, easy to understand way. It is as if you sit with it in the chat with a cup of coffee on the table. This will appear in the book discussed concepts easily instead of intimidating.

The e-book begins by noting that the principle that a time is illusion. Yes, this is a very bold statement. And I can hear some of you say, "but wait." I know I have to get 7:00 pm. There are seven days in the week. "It takes a long time to achieve something."

But do you think about it. We know that we to create our own reality. We know that we experience the material world of spiritual beings. That is why there are the "Past" and "Future"-constructs only within our ego itself. Our higher self is infinite and eternal. Therefore we are always at the moment, right now, even if we have the past memories or daydreaming about the future.

Tim offers several very helpful mindfulness exercises, to stay the reader where to be present to support that. I will tell too much way without specifying that these exercises very simple and easy to follow. They are also very effective when practiced consistently. We must not forget that we learn not so much something new as we will recall what already exists. It has always been and always will be.

Another issue discussed is letting go of judgment and embrace acceptance. So no matter what you are currently experiencing it take. Right and wrong, good and bad luck and pitch-which are all only human invented terms that are not everywhere with the exception of the ego. This is something I would like to mention much more detail so I it to that now will go.

Finally, the overall message is this e-book, that it great power in the now. You are a very powerful being, whether you or not, recognize it. You can have anything you want. You are the creator. In fact, you also create every moment if it unconsciously. Why to create a life you love? And Yes, you can the life of your dreams.

I'm sure that you have read other books on these topics, the way the Tim is presented them very fresh and accessible. Those for an illuminating introduction that will pave the way for further study that new to the concept. Of us who we are "Old hats" those take some choice tidbits for reflection.

Considering the price of this e-book it is more than value buying and find it a welcome and much read in addition to your library. There is no such thing as too much to learn. Consider this as another tool in your Toolbox, spiritual.

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