Load a devil's advocate

I'm a bit here a deviation in writing a book review, but I found this book exciting, a chance to do some self-evaluation. I was just at the reading of the book sway: the irresistible pull of irrational behavior by Ori Brafman and ROM Brafman.

If you discuss and review the actions of State and Government, managers, customers, friends or family and the idea that their choice or decision defies logic offers, the reading of this book a glimpse into what drives people and the decisions that they make. It is a relatively quick and easy to read and you have not to have a science or psychiatric degree to understand the theories that discuss them.

There are interesting insights and examples of behaviors and decisions, which we all experienced and exhibited. The idea that I on some of my own choice and instead of can only think or reflect "I know not, I had to go with my gut on that one" it "well, is exactly as it is" is an opportunity here to look back and really understand, what was going on. Sometimes the wrong decisions and actions can not help, and sometimes there is no win-win commitment as designed to understand a situation, how one has arrived in this State, can however helpful to improve your General options and decisions.

When managers or entrepreneurs constantly make we are decisions, whether it is we, which hire provider we choose, and in which direction we move our company. Understand how we make decisions helpful is, and this book offers insight into all of these issues.

To make gaining an understanding, like other decisions is invaluable, since we sell, manage clients and our employees.

Their discussion about the research that shows that groups make better decisions, if it a "blocker" or a nay-Sayer is the biggest take-away for me from this book. Not that the concept of a devil's advocate is nothing new, but with experimental data to support the value makes me think that I more support this kind of person in the mix open. I know sometimes, it is my role and so now I'm feeling better about me also.

This book will take much of your time and worth the read. Back to this blog entry and let me know your thoughts!

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