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We are all affected by depression, whether we these questions or not. For example, 19% takes our population in the United States of depression. So, with almost 20% of our citizens depression drugs and all that depressed people who may have problems with alcohol or illegal drugs but do not consider good we all face see the problems.

Iterated yet, as many of us really understand depression or what others around us can? You would think that something would be seriously better taught in the schools, but it is not. However, because this issue affects so many, and perhaps even our close friends, family, or that we are working with, take we all should study not then it to us on the topic and subject?

Now, of course we should, and you should to make it a personal mission to acquire this knowledge in your life. I can recommend an excellent book on the study of depression for you and your personal knowledge and ongoing education be?

"Understanding depression;" "A complete guide to the diagnosis & treatment" by Donald F. Klien, m.d. and Paul H. Wender, m.d., 1993 Oxford Press, New York.

This book was written by psychiatrists with decades of experience, and yet it was written, so that a layman could understand. The doctors explain the symptoms of affective disorders and problems with hereditary and environment; Education and nature questions to the depression and manic depression. Learn about the possible treatments and what you can do to your friends, family members or staff to help. On the thinking.

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