Iconoclasm and Christianity

I'm not really an iconoclast, nor am I even religious, but I think it would be funny to play devil's advocate for a while. So here is Christopher Trinity tell why symbolism in Christianity is wrong (Yes, I wrote it):

"Knowledge you, it makes me to see all these rich people wear the cross on the neck, as it is a kind of fashion accessory sick." I'm sure if Jesus today was alive, that is, what he would have wished: "hang me around the neck while passing wave at chicks." Involved have always, as if there are not enough to God from the neck offensive some is, again also the embodiment of greed (the gold) with the monument of our Lord. This couldn't possibly more each other not. It a dog and a cat together as taping.

The use of the cross as a symbol of Christianity I kind of find disturbing and being disrespectful. All images of Jesus must express his divine and human nature and how perfect is. And although we narrowed the human aspect of Jesus, his divine transcendence is something found alone may exactly can be interpreted with the lifeless and mindless material on Earth. I would a step forward and say that it actually to try to do, because you are the human side of God from his divine side separated blasphemy. The only character that could loosely begin to symbolize our Lord is the actual cross in which he got nailed on, or a precise same substance as the original made and stained with the blood of Christ. As a whole if Jesus was here today, I am sure that the last thing he would want to see is an another cross, however.

No one in the world is perfect. You are responsible for their share of the sins. So a picture of our all-perfect God is dirty hands with your sinful Smiths, blur his image and spit in his face. That sees you, women inappropriately, which shamelessly tolerated eats shellfish, the homosexual, and who is your basic at the mercy of God-forsaken, primal passions, (ironically, instilled by God in the first place) are in no position to be represent the most powerful and perfect spirit in the universe.

This is all idolatry! Take nothing but a Satanic deception of the old church tradition and lead all in regression back to pagan practice mislead and worship the creature instead of the creator is. Deceived by the devil.

We even in the presence of God of sinful people who don't deserve it, let for carving a statue of him be. Found nothing in this world could match God's Majesty, and any attempt to come even close, an insult would be to do so. "So please remove all those crosses and stained glass Windows from the Church walls and learn to stop worshipping God by a Board of wood."

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