How to understand awareness

Have you ever observed, as animals to be slaughtered are? I have the opportunity to witness the slaughter of sheep during the ritual slaughter during the Islamic 'idil Adha' - the Festival of the victims. It is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims around the world to the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim as an act of obedience to God Prophet Ishmael victims to commemorate his son.

The sacrificial animals are all arranged in a wooden barricade and slaughtered everyone. I saw the minimum resistance type, when the 'Subjugators' drag them to the nearby drain sheep and put them on the side and the sheep slaughtered. To know the sheep what really happens with them? Are they aware their surroundings and what happened to them? After this event I registered a 'painful' experience and wanted to go to a vegetarian diet. But I not long as I very lethargic after two weeks ago. I had no other choice, and be restored to a "more balanced" diet.

What is consciousness? It's a feeling as call you with your thoughts, feelings and the environment or the environment are. To illustrate when we would meet the 'Life and death' issue we have given a "big" fight of the entire scene. It is because we are aware. Our consciousness and animal "Consciousness" is very different.

What is consciousness?

When our lives are a recorded movie, we can backwards in the time we test how aware are rewind? Move 10 years back and we can not forget the things that happen to us. I think I can. There was a time, as my third child came to this world and I moved to my current home. I was lighter in body and mass, as I had enrolled in gym. I had a nice mustache and one little younger. My children were very young, and they were not so rebellious. My wife is still so beautiful. My profession was consistent with property management. 20 Years back in time, I had my first marriage anniversary. I lived in a 4-room apartment several miles from where I am now remain. My job was in the property management. It was a time I had my firstborn experience - a son.

The animals dream during life

When I was 18 years old, I studied thoughts are in a private school on my face 'Pimples'. I wanted to no type of dating activity exercise as I thought it was not really what to do. I was more concerned with spiritual matters.

Eight years old when I remember rather that games that I played and my favorite play toy. I can't quite remember my childhood friends. I remember is my spiritual teacher, who like to wear white clothes. When I was a year old, I remember not everything. The image is empty. Consciousness is as wake up you are with your thoughts, feelings and surroundings. I find this interesting page about consciousness

Consciousness is, if the knowledge of is crystal clear around what is happening and we can feel the result of the attractions of the area. She may be able to feel good and bad about your thoughts and feelings. They are so-called AWARE of your living.

Baby brain

The human brain size is a little more than a quarter of adults. Remember can every incident up and down when you were a year old? We can hardly because during that time only the lower parts of the nervous system (spinal cord and brain stem) are very well developed, while the higher regions (the limbic system and cerebral cortex) are still very primitive.

Our brain has developed on the existing folder from a primitive stage. Human brain was once similar in size and limited in the bottom of the nervous system. Spinal cord and brain stem. This is the reptile brain. It is the oldest, which controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, respiration, body temperature and balance. The brain stem and cerebellum consists only of it. Brain reptiles is something rigid and compulsive reliably, but tends to be.

Size of the brain

It was found that drinking alcohol can have a negative impact in brain size. It's exhilarating, because the reduction in the size of consciousness is affected. Pregnant mother report of forgetting the mother also experience changes in the size of the brain. If a very decrease of the size of the brain consciousness can affect minute what happens if the neo cortex not or not it is developed? If you can compare animal brain of those people we can see the difference. The size of the brain matters. It is the neo cortex, sensory and motor areas are. Cortex than herbivorous predatory mammals have larger neo. If a tiger attacks and to kill its prey by 'unaware' display of survival. But if we survive we it with the awareness among its good and bad and be aware of result. If we attack, we have no reason to have. We live not in oblivion in contrast to the animals. Just say the animals is really living in a fantasy world - live as dream to them. - but it is not for us. We know life.

Folds of the brain

The rise in the folds of the bark was an important factor in the development of the brain. These folds, enable a better organization of complex behavior by enabling a larger area in the cranial Chamber, fits. This is an other important difference between a human brain with the animal.


I think animals live, but they life and how life be a dreamer. The mind in an animal is not aware, human standard. If we think and observe that the pain inflicted on animals by some registered is, it's not what they experience. You are all while dream life.

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