Foreign good and evil - a realm of the actions that are not ethical or moral

We have been taught that our actions are either good or evil. But this is extremely narrow vision, as there are actions that are not good, right, evil or wrong. With enough actions and by choice, we could live a vast quantity of our lives by performing acts that are not good or evil, but outside the realm of good and evil.

There is not just either good or evil. There is also the composition good or necessary good and the not good is not necessarily evil. This is the same in the realm of right and wrong. All of our actions cannot be scaled in these two degrees alone. Brushing the hair, dancing, going for a walk are not right, wrong, good or evil. They are merely actions we choose to actualize. The reality of our actions is thus vaster than just good and evil.

The actions must therefore be judged by the intention the actions are performed with. We can do the same physical actions with different intentions. Thus, intention is the base of our judgment when we weight the balances of good and evil. If we carry no good or evil, right or wrong intent, how could our actions then be intentionally good, evil, right or wrong?

The causal continuance renders through the butterfly effect the sub sequent effects to be outside our comprehension of our actions. The continuation of consequences after the first effect of an action transforms to the that exceed beyond our ability to see form of subsequent events them. On evil cause may at first cause of evil effect, but in subsequent events during the following two hundred years, the evil cause can accumulate good subsequent effects. In the line of ten thousand years, we are all blind to the subsequent effects of our actions. A primary cause humanity exceeds amplifies in subsequent effects the further in time.

End does not justify the means because there is no end in the causal continuation until the extinction of our species. So, in order for US to have any ethical or moral reality at all, we must scale it down to the limits of our comprehension. That is, intention, and the first outcomes of carrying out those intentions. If we go beyond them, we might as well begin to calculate the subsequent effects in the entire causal continuation. And, as we must place good and evil in the intentions, certainly there is a vaster universe of intentions than good and evil. A realm outside of good and evil.

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