The courage, who you are

Are you an OWL? Are you a dolphin? Are you a Peacock? Are you a Panther?

When I read "Conquer fear" by Lisa Jimenez, I was told that behavior are psychologists four personality types have determined. Although it can be a mix in our personality, one is always dominant. Summarize the findings, natural donors are the OWL of detail-oriented, dolphins, peacocks are socialites and Panthers are natural born leader is. (I'm an OWL - no secrets here!)

Discover who you are is the key to the courage to - be who you are! We all are equipped with everything we need to make our lives work for us, and we all have innate impulses that push us on our objectives. Our core values are the motivierender factor behind all decisions we make, and all actions that we perform. Jimenez pointed out that "thought your time, efforts and energy must be issued to your highest values to create a life you love" - the courage to be who you are!

There is an intensive makes to know who you are and what you want. If you have defined these principles, you start to respond to it and every day of your life to fulfilling the last - and you are SO like each new day begin! Recognize the desires of the heart and to act in accordance with them. Finally get really want to, what!

The key to this prayer is absolutely clear on, what is it that you want to, because clarity makes as his partner. If you know what you want and are clear on this point, you can remove all fear and start to win opportunity and wealth for you. So, you want everything you should know, write it down, and dream of it. Do not believe what will happen!

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